Daily Edge for Thu. June 1


While it isn’t quite a summer pattern yet, this mid-week warm up will help get fish moving. Don’t forget to get your deer rifle applications in to the NDG&F Dept. by June 7.  Friend of the site and G&F Outreach Biologist, Doug Leier, has a great article out this week about how online conversion hastens the lottery process – the more who log on, as opposed to mail in their applications – the quicker it goes for everyone!  Time to get great grandpa on the iPad!


WEATHER (Bismarck):
We’ll get a taste of mid-summer today with a rise into the mid-80s across the state for highs on a surge of southerly wind with gusts up to 25 mph.
Today: Thu:  6/1 – Summer Sampler! Hi: 85 Lo: 50, Wind S @ 16 mph.
Tomorrow: Fri 6/2 – Slight moderation in temps and lighter winds. Hi: 80 Lo: 59, Winds start SE @ 10, shifting to NW @10 in the afternoon as a front slips down.

SOLUNAR (all times Bismarck):
Thursday, June 1, 2017
Sunrise: 5:52am Sunset: 9:30pm
Moonrise: 1:35pm Moonset: 2:24am
Overhead: 8:19pm Underfoot: 7:56am
Moon Phase: First Quarter (50%)

EDGE HOUR: 8:00 – 9:00 pm.  Catch the minor moon phase overhead with clear skies and a long-lasting late-spring sunset for your fishing adventure! Southerly winds fade as evening wears on. Start checking your favorite post-spawn walleye haunts on (or just off) the edge of the shallows for fish starting to feed as things warm up. Bass should be finishing up their spawn, and pike will be starting to look for deeper weedlines.



  1. SkiNet
    We’re talkin’ muskies with some of the Midwest’s best on The Dakota Edge Outdoors Show. (Simonson Photo)

    SHOW AND TELL – For your listening pleasure, check out the debut of The Dakota Edge Outdoors Show, our weekly podcast catching up with the exciting personalities and experts in North Dakota and beyond, sharing info on upcoming seasons, species, biology and more. This week, avid muskie angler Ben Simonson, Field Editor of MuskyInformer.com, and Fisheries Section Manager Scott Gangl of the NDG&F Dept., kick the series off with early season muskie fishing tips for the approaching Minnesota opener and stocking plans in North Dakota in the coming seasons. Set your sights on the fish of 10,000 casts, and connect with a monster memory!

  2. STOCKER STALKERS – If you’re after a particular species of fish this weekend, check out the updated lake and river stocking lists at the NDG&F Dept. website, detailing all the spring 2017 stocking efforts throughout the state.  Get a bead on what’s going into your local waters this season, and what’s getting bigger from the last few years of stocking efforts.  Small lake info can be found here, updated as of yesterday, and big water stocking reports can be viewed here.
  3. THAT SUCKS – Ticks, Moose & Hunters Asked to Hasten the Natural Process? An interesting article from Inside Climate News about the rapidly-declining moose population in New England, changing conditions that favor the expansion of tick populations and their impact on moose, and how hunters would help speed up the natural cycle of boom, bust and re-establishment of moose in the region.

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Stay Sharp!

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