Bench To Bank

b2b.jpgBench to Bank connects the pastime of fly tying and lure making with on-the-water ways to use your creations to catch fish.  We’ll have our regular features here including the 50 Pheasant Flies series along with B2B’s video instruction for tying patterns and presenting them on the water, with some of our favorite flies, jigs and lures and other handy tips and stories to help you get the most out of your tackle crafting efforts.

1) The Pheasant Retort – A classed up staple with great pheasant accents!
2) The Zebra Nymph – What’s black and white and eaten all over? This fly!
3) Pheasant Leech – Marabou + Underfeather = Super Streamer!
4) Krystal SHWAPF – Quick to tie and customizable!
5) Red John – A “killer” nymph for trout in any water!
6) Gartside Caddis – Have a heart…an almond heart!
7) Pheasant Ice Soft Hackle – Be cool, tie one up.
8) The Lightning Bug – Shockingly successful.
9) Pheasant Matuka – Fancy fin!
10) Teeny Leech – A snack-size leech.
11) Larva Lace Caddis – Catch-all caddis pattern.


1) The Stimulator – Unsinkable?  Yeah, we’ll go there!
2) X-Caddis – An edible edge fly.