Tying the Holographic Streamer

By Nick Simonson

The Holographic streamer came about as a modification of the Holographic wet fly, a smaller pattern used on eastern waters for trout.  When modified to the tastes of crappies and white bass – with its highly customizable components of tinsel, marabou, ice dub and hackle – the Holographic streamer can be tailored to fit the colors that these fish and others prefer in a specific water. 

The Holographic tied by Nick Simonson.

Hook: Tiemco 200R, Size 10 to 6
Thread: 6/0, Choice of Color
Underbody: Mylar Tinsel
Wing: Marabou
Body: Ice Dubbing
Collar: Saddle Hackle



Start the Holographic by tying in a four-inch strand of mylar tinsel ahead of the bend, securing it down about halfway into the gap, before advancing the thread back to about 1/4 of the hook shank behind the hook eye (1).  Wrap the mylar tinsel forward, with each wrap touching to form the flashy underbody of the fly. Tie off and trim the excess where the thread rests (2).

To form the wing, select a pinch of marabou that is about the same length as the hook shank and tie it in at the 1/4-point, forming a slightly angled covering with the thread (3).  Next, take a small pinch of ice dubbing and create a dubbing yarn about two inches long (4).  Wrap the dubbing over the marabou tie-in point, forming a tapered body (5). 

When finished, select a saddle hackle feather with fairly long base fibers and tie it in just in front of the dubbing (6).  Wrap the hackle closely about four times, moving forward toward the hook eye, but not crowding it before tying off and trimming the excess, remembering to leave some room to build a small head (7).  Use those thread wraps to condense and angle the hackle fibers back before completing the thread head and whip finishing the fly (8).

The Holographic fishes light and condenses down into an undulating baitfish profile that any minnow-eating species is sure to gobble up.  A floating line can be used when crappies are up shallow or silvers are feeding near the surface, but a sinking line will get it down in the water column as well.  It’s subtle, it’s flashy, it’s flowy and it’s super easy to tie and fish.

Featured Photo: The Holographic can be tied in a variety of colors to customize the streamer to what fish in a particular water key in on. Simonson Photo

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