Daily Edge for Fri. June 2

A rooster pheasant enjoys a sunny Thursday in the grass north of Bismarck, ND (Simonson Photo)


Who’s up for starting the weekend early?  Bail on work this morning with a case of walleye fever and hammer some pre-frontal fish, as summerlike conditions persist until a cool swipe comes along and shifts the winds later this afternoon. If you can’t get loose, check out all the great info on Dakota Edge Outdoors, including the first installment of Dakota Uplander.  Don’t forget – just FIVE days remain to get your deer firearms lottery applications in to the G&F!


Warm conditions stick around, so enjoy ’em before things get back to average next week.
Today: Fri 6/2 – A front materializes midafternoon, rain chances higher east of Bismarck. Hi: 90 Lo 61. Winds @ 20 mph, shifting SE to WNW.
Tomorrow: Sat 6/3 – West winds dominate the day, fade in evening. Hi: 80 Lo: 56, Wind WNW @ 18

Friday, June 2, 2017
Sunrise: 5:51am Sunset: 9:31pm
Moonrise: 2:39pm Moonset: 2:53am
Overhead: 9:05pm Underfoot: 8:42am
Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous (61% Full)

EDGE HOUR: 2:15 – 3:15 pm.  Combine the shifting of the weather and moon rise to get on that pre-frontal bite, but watch for rising clouds and potential showers.  Activity should be hot as the wind starts to shift from S to NW, but watch for lockjaw to set in after the leading edge passes and post-frontal NW winds start blowing.


WHAT’S HATCHING? Check out an early spring update on nesting conditions for ND’s pheasant population, with the first installment of Dakota Uplander, a regular Dakota Edge Outdoors column, which details the happenings, habitat and hunting for all the state’s upland birds – pheasants, grouse, patridge, doves and more!

Most of ND is either abnormally dry or entering moderate drought stage. (USDA Drought Monitor Image)

NOT MOIST. It’s been said that “moist” is one of the most hated words in the English language, but a shot of moisture would be welcome across much of the state, as a good portion of ND is either abnormally dry or entering a moderate drought, according to the most recent drought monitor issued this week.  For growing forbs and grasses to provide cover for just-hatched upland chicks, and spurring insect growth as a necessary protein source for those developing birds, a shot of moisture would be good right about now.  So much for 8 foot snowbanks and near-record winter precipitation.

WHICH COSTS MORE? With Google shares nearing $1,000 a piece, it might be too late for many of us to get in at an affordable price and bankroll our retirement fishing trips (I’m investing in a time travel company to remedy that problem).  But if you’re looking to invest in your angling more directly in the here-and-now, the question is: Which costs more – a Rapala Share or a Rapala Shad Rap (and which one pays better dividends)?  Click on the links to find out, and invest your money accordingly!

The weekend is almost here – Stay Sharp!

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