Daily Edge for Sat. June 10

WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT.  Summer conditions (for better or worse) are settling in.  Target those staging areas off spawning grounds for pre-summer walleye, go deep for trout, and start planning on setting up the perfect shot for the approaching archery deer season.


Winds drop and shift S to NW with chance of T-Storms early.
Today: Sat 6/10 – Mild and breezy. Hi 80, Low 61, Winds NW @ 16 mph.
Tomorrow:  Sun 6/11 – The better day of the weekend. Hi 82, Lo 55, Winds L&V.

Sunrise: 5:48AM  Sunset: 9:37PM
Moonrise: 10:27PM  Moonset: 7:00AM
Overhead: 2:19AM  Underfoot: 2:43PM
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous (99% Full)

EDGE HOUR: 9:30 to 10:30PM – Sunset with a close-to-full moon rising will be the ticket again tonight.  Follow the dying breeze and hit those windswept points from today along bays, creeks and inlets where walleyes were spawning a month ago, odds are they’re setting up there.   This stretch of fairly stable weather will continue to spur a solid post-spawn bite. Watch for summer patterns to emerge in the next week or so, if things stay status quo.



NO DOUBT DROUGHT.  More gritty news from the USDA, as this week’s drought monitor shows the Peace Garden State slipping further into drought.  According to the experts, survival of young ducklings and other waterfowl hatching and leaving the nest, and upland game scheduled to hatch in the next couple of weeks could be affected by the lack of rain.

CrunchTrout (2)
A jig fished deep and tipped with bait under a slip float can still convert stocked trout as summer conditions settle in (Simonson Photo).

DEEP FOR STOCKED TROUT.  As the season warms, the stocked trout in many of North Dakota’s lakes will be deep – much deeper than the shallows which they acclimated to in May shortly after being dumped in.  Troll bottom bouncers as you would for walleyes off deeper breaks where cooler water settles, set a jig deep under a slip float or get a deep-diving crankbait down there and watch for arcs on your depthfinder where the thermocline will set up into summer.  As coldwater fish, even these introduced trout are going to look for cool temps to stay acclimated to their new home.  However, you may still find them foraging up shallower in low-light conditions, or at dawn.


TIME TO RE-ROUTE.  Start thinking of deer archery stand locations now, and perhaps steering deer toward them by establishing a new path that brings them into bow range.  Use blowdowns or felled trees to block a path or to steer summer-patterning deer along a new one that runs closer to your desired stand location.  Piling cut or broken boughs at an angle that directs the traffic also provides some natural looking cover.  In order for it to be most effective this fall, don’t let this project linger on your list too late into the summer.

That’s what’s up for your Saturday.

Stay Sharp!

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