Daily Edge for Wed. June 21

BOOMERS & BASS.  There might be some rumbles of thunder this morning as summer officially sets in – and so do those warm weather patterns.  Look for fish setting up in their summer haunts and apply some of the tips and tactics below to key in on what they want.

(Featured Photo: Flies like the Clouser minnow imitate baitfish or crayfish – two favorite prey items for hungry smallmouth in summer. Simonson Photo)


WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
There’s a small chance of a thunderstorm early today, and then winds shift behind a minor front from south to northwest.
Today: Wed 6/21 – Growing gusty. Rain early? Hi 85, Lo 59, Winds S to NW @ 22 mph.
Tomorrow:  Thu 6/22 – More wind, cooler. Hi 76, Low 52, Winds NW @ 21 mph.

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):
Sunrise: 5:49AM Sunset: 9:41PM
Moonrise: 4:09AM Moonset: 6:47PM
Overhead: 11:23AM Underfoot: 11:52PM
Moon Phase: Waning Crescent (9% Full)
EDGE HOUR: 6:15 – 7:15AM.  A small front might set off a bite early this morning during or shortly after sunrise.  Take advantage of a pre-work trip to catch a few extra fish during the best hour of the day.



SMALLIE SNACKS.  The smallmouth bass is a predator which loves structure, and as result preys on food sources found in the crags and crevices created by rocks, timber and other cover.  Therefore, items like crayfish, hellgrammites and other insect larvae are popular snacks for bronzebacks.  Offer up tubes, jigs and creature baits in colors similar to the prey items in your area (browns, olives, dark grays, etc.) to connect with hungry smallies as summer sets in.

YO-YO MAMA BASS.  Ever get wrapped around a downfall by an aerobatic smallie? A bucketmouth bulldog you around a dockpost in an epic battle?  All is not lost.  Drop your rod tip to provide some slack in the line, and then give the fish a tug and catch it off guard and yo-yo it back toward the boat, sending it in a loop-de-loop, remedying the wrap up.

WACKY RIG.  For stick baits like the Senko, hooking the bait square in the middle of the plastic worm – ie: “wacky style” – allows both ends to wiggle freely, generating twice the tantalization.  While this might rip the bait up a bit (there’s O-rings for that too), it helps finesse fussy bass after fronts.

Pack these tip with you when you hit the water.

Stay Sharp!

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