Daily Edge for Fri. June 30

CUE WILSON PHILLIPS…I uhh…mean, where’s my Metallica-Pantera-Megadeth mixtape?  Hold on for one more unseasonable day, and things will start hitting their stride, just in time for the Independence Day Holiday!  Get the NDG&F’s take on stocking in the state, and bring your fishing to life with the Slow Death rig in today’s Three Things, along with some fun runs coming up for the holiday.

(Featured Photo: The sun sets on another week – hopefully you’re stretching out this weekend or next as part of a fun (and warm) Fourth of July holiday. Simonson Photo)


WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
Winds return with cool temperatures for one more day. Then we start looking above average – and the Fourth is looking HOT!
Today:  Fri 6/30 – Cool end to June. Hi 69, Lo 54, Winds NW @ 14 mph.
Tomorrow:  Sat 7/1 – Warming up, less wind. Hi 80, Lo 57, Winds SW to N @ 8 mph.

TempBismk74 copy.jpg
Looking (Way) Up for the Holiday Week.  Models are aligning for above-average temperatures for the July 4 Holiday Week.  (Image via HAM Meteogram)

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):
Sunrise: 5:53AM Sunset: 9:41PM
Moonrise: 1:33PM Moonset: 1:24AM
Overhead: 7:46PM Underfoot: 7:23AM
Moon Phase: First Quarter (at 7:51PM)
EDGE HOUR: 7:30 – 8:30PM.  Winds taper under the minor moon phase overhead.  Add to the sunset bite with a good hour before the golden hour.



STOCK UP.  In this week’s webcast, the NDG&F goes in-depth into the stocking program which sustains approximately 250 fisheries throughout the state.  Beyond the need for water, balancing forage needs and species interrelation, and angler demand are a big part of the program.

SLOW FOR FAST FISHING.  The Slow Death Rig has spread across the upper Midwest as a leading way of connecting with walleyes.  Whether with a half or a whole crawler, the specially bent hook (originally a tweaked Tru-Turn or Aberdeen) is now marketed exclusively under the “Slow Death” name by Mustad, but a number of other brands offer similar options.  Designed to be trolled behind a bottom bouncer on a two- to three-foot mono or fluoro leader, this simple set up worked at .3 to .7 mph triggers fish with an attractive, slow “death spiral” that hangs in the strike zone.

RACE ON.  As you know, we like to sneak in a little outdoors fitness every once in a while, so shake off (or build a calorie deficit for) your burger-brat-and-a-steak combo with some fun Fourth of July Races in ND.  Among the Independence Day Events are: Altru Family YMCA Firecracker Run in Grand Forks, Veteran 4th of July in West Fargo, the WRHS Fun Run in Hettinger, and the Mandan 4th of July Road Race.

Stay Sharp!

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