Daily Edge for Sun. July 2

FEELING FOURTHY. The July warm up continues, and like a rising firework, is building up to a bang in just a little bit.  Enjoy the light south breezes and summerlike conditions as we get into the heart of the season – and hopefully resume a summery fishing trend. In the Three Things for this Sunday, we share a link to nearly every stretch of flowing water in ND, offer up some poison ivy preparedness, and celebrate Ole Evinrude.

(Featured Photo: Off the Edge.  A common loon cruises by a dock in Detroit Lakes, Minn. Simonson Photo)


WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
Catch your breath as kite weather subsides and light southern breezes bring in warmer temps.
Today:  Sun 7/2 – Warm, less wind. Hi 83, Lo 56, Winds SE @ 8 mph.
Tomorrow:  Mon 7/3 – Hot like a lit fuse. Hi 92, Lo 60, Winds S @ 11 mph.

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):
Sunrise: 5:54AM Sunset: 9:40PM
Moonrise: 3:38PM Moonset: 2:16AM
Overhead: 9:14PM Underfoot: 8:52AM
Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous (66% Full)

EDGE HOUR: 9:00 – 10:00PM – Moon overhead and a summer sunset will combine for a great night of fishing after a warming trend settles in over the area. Start by checking near summertime haunts again, as fish should start to stabilize today and throughout the week on the warm up.



BHDGrph copy
Flow graphs showing both discharge (usually below dams) and height (at various points) help anglers get an idea of how fast and high water is moving in their favorite rivers and provides a vital clue toward good fishing (USGS Image).

FLOW WRITER.  For the flow rate and height of many rivers in North Dakota, check out the U.S. Geological Survey’s Current Streamflow site.  For every major basin and its tributaries, along with smaller streams and creeks throughout the state, the site provides a quickly-reviewed numerical overview page, along with individual graphs for each, and many with readouts for multiple locations along the river.  Know the flow, know where fish go!

POISON POSSIBILITIES. If you’re allergic to poison ivy, or similar urushiol-containing plants, there’s no good way to guarantee getting all of the chemical off your skin after a hike in the woods or a backwater fishing trip where exposure may occur.  However, instead of a warm or hot shower, a cold shower is recommended, because the cool water causes warm skin to tighten, forcing more of the oil out of pores and lines in the skin, where warm water expands skin – aiding absorption of the allergen.

OLE OLE OLE! While it wasn’t the first outboard ever made, Ole Evinrude a Norwegian-American immigrant was the first to mass-produce gasoline powered outboard motors in the early 1900s.  The first model, a 3 horsepower motor, was created by Evinrude after a particularly challenging day of rowing his rowboat in the heat of midsummer.  For a fun read, check out the linked biographical site (written in Norwegian – so use your “translate” dropdown after a right click).  It might not all come out in exactly the king’s, but that’s what makes it enjoyable!

Turn the choke, pull that cord a few times and Stay Sharp!



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