Daily Edge for Tue. July 4

EYE – AYE! The weather’s hot, and the fishing is heating up too!  It’s going to be a legendary Fourth of July, no matter where you are in the upper Midwest, as conditions combine for a hot and steamy one.  Get every moment out of this great holiday with friends and family, and sneak a little fishing in if you can!


WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
The Fourth appears to be on track to rival those of yore, with light winds, high temps and a whole lot of that good old fashioned summer feel.  The heat and the rec boaters might impede your fishing today (and maybe a mid-afternoon rumble?) but tonight will be a different story – get out and enjoy the light show while finding the less-traveled areas of your favorite lake at dusk for some good fishing.

Today:  Tue 7/4 – Happy Independence Day! Hi 97, Lo 64, Winds SW to N @ 8 mph.
Tomorrow:  Wed 7/5 – Continued Warmth. Hi 98, Lo 66, Winds L&V.

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):
Sunrise: 5:55AM Sunset: 9:39PM
Moonrise: 5:38PM Moonset: 3:11AM
Overhead: 10:43PM Underfoot: 10:20AM
Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous (81% Full)

EDGE HOUR: 10:15 – 11:15PM.  A quickly filling moon overhead will give you some edge tonight and stretch out a sunset bite.  Pick your favorite back bay and a lighted slip float and watch the sky explode in greens and reds while checking to see if your bobber has disappeared. Happy Fourth!



MAYFLY MATS.  Be forewarned, Dakota Edge is a bit off the edge right now with a summer trip to northeastern Minnesota where the mayflies have emerged as giant floating mats of dead insects on the surfaces of lakes like Lake Vermilion between Cook and Tower, Minn.  This has made for some interesting fishing, and is a prime example of how nature stokes the fire in the food web.

MUSKIE MADNESS.  Those same mayflies have spurred on a feeding binge which many guides have stated results in incredible muskie catches at mid-summer.  The Duluth News Tribune reports of multiple massive muskies being caught on Vermilion – with at least four over 55 inches coming in over the last few days – following a mayfly-cisco-hungry muskie pattern.

PATTERN OUT.  Fishing the same pattern in the DNT article, Dakota Edge’s Nick Simonson landed the 27-inch walleye pictured in today’s featured photo.  Trolling cranks running 15 feet deep over the muddier stretches of lake which harbored rising mayfly pods (and a mix of small and giant arcs on the depth finder right next to them), Simonson, along with friends Cullen and Billy Curnow of Duluth, Minn., were able to put a few ‘eyes in the boat, despite the abundance of food coming up through the column.

“It was convincing the three or four fish of the hundreds we went over that something else was available to eat and made the long trolls worth it,” said Simonson.

Mayfly hatch, schmrayfly hatch.  Some fish just love gaudy, pinky-purple Reef Runners, no matter what food is readily available!

Stay Sharp!

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