Daily Edge for Wed. July 5

HIGH FIVE.  Here’s hoping you survived the Fourth, and had a chance to get outside in the warmth of the season.  We look ahead to the rest of summer and fish strapping on the feedbag. Remember to like Dakota Edge on Facebook and follow on Twitter to get the best of ND hunting and fishing in your social media feeds.

(Featured Photo: A hen mallard and her four ducklings patrol shallow pads around their nesting area. Simonson Photo)


WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
We’ll have a brush with triple digits today, and with all the humidity, it’ll feel downright muggy.  If you’re not a fan of warm weather (you probably order your steak well done too), we dip back into the 80s tomorrow on some northerly breezes.  There’s a slight chance for a bump of thunder this afternoon, but don’t cancel your plans.
Today:  Wed 7/5 – Still smoking! Hi 98, Lo 63, Winds L&V
Tomorrow:  Thu 7/6 – A cooldown of sorts. Hi 84, Lo 65, Winds N @ 14 mph

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):
Sunrise: 5:56AM Sunset: 9:39PM
Moonrise: 6:35PM Moonset: 3:42AM
Overhead: 11:29PM Underfoot: 11:05AM
Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous (88% Full)

EDGE HOUR 10:30 – 11:30 AM.  Shifting winds and a moon underfoot will combine for a mid-morning bite that’s a bit out of the ordinary.  As the gibbous moon waxes, major and minor fishing periods will get stronger and stronger over the next few days – so target as many as you can get on!



CROWING COUNTS DOWN.  The NDG&F Spring Crowing Survey revealed a dip over 2016 by 14% in the number of crowing rooster pheasants heard throughout the state.   While it serves as a way to get an idea of how many birds made it through winter, the summer brood survey will provide better insight into populations hunters will find in the field this fall.

EVERYBODY LOVES A CLOWN.  Clown colored crankbaits are a rare outlier in the fishing world.  Water-by-water, success with the red-headed, yellow-bodied bait varies, but the pattern remains fairly common behind more ubiquitous patterns like Perch, Silver Minnow and Firetiger.  Know your colors, know what fish react to and find better success.

GREEN, BLACK & BROWN. While the history of camouflage runs way back into the 1800s, where soldiers were issued drab green and olive uniforms, newer patterns are only a decade or two old.  Digital camo was first utilized by the Canadian Armed Forces in 2002, and has since spread to hunting applications in the past few years.  Now, bowhunters and waterfowlers have a number of digital camo options.

Stay Sharp!


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