Daily Edge for Sun. July 23

PERFECT SUNDAY!  Weather, moon and sun times align for a perfect end to the last major moonphase of the month.  You’re going to want to stretch out your weekend fishing and capitalize on a hot bite today.  Whether fishing or hunting, knowing the conditions of your target location is important.  Part of today’s Three Things lays that out.

(Featured Photo: Taylor Ells of Fargo, with a smallie caught following the boat on a recent walleye outing on Lake Sakakawea. Simonson Photo)


WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
Today:  Sun 7/23 – Summer at its finest. Hi 85, Lo 60, Winds L&V.
Tomorrow:  Mon 7/24 – Warm surge.  Hi 95, Lo 65, Winds S @16, G27

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):
Sunrise: 6:13AM Sunset: 9:25PM
Moonrise: 6:32AM Moonset: 9:40PM
Overhead: 2:10PM Underfoot: 1:40AM
Moon Phase: New Moon @ 4:46AM

EDGE HOUR.  DOUBLE EDGED!  6:00-7:00AM and 9:00-10:00PM It’s a new moon day, meaning rise and set of the sun and moon are at about the same time.  Pick either hour to catch your limit and capitalize on fantastic weather today. Stretch out your fishing for the last time this summer as the major moon phase falls on a weekend day!



LEVEL SET.  Looking for information on the levels of your favorite Missouri River reservoir?  Check out the US Army Corps of Engineers’ Daily Bulletin, listing the mean elevations along the Missouri River from Ft. Peck to Gavin’s Point.  Key elements including elevation, inflow and release are important to fish (and anglers) adjusting to fluctuations in the water.

PLOT’N & PLANNIN.  For those getting ready for the fall hunting seasons, now’s the time to review the PLOTS lands available for your autumn efforts.  Along with the private lands initiative, the page also lays out state and federal lands open to hunting.

FOLLOWING THOUGHTS?  An odd scenario started a Sakakawea fishing trip yesterday, while trolling a back bay, I happened to notice a smallmouth bass tailing the slowly-rotating prop of the kicker motor on a buddy’s boat.  After a quick toss by a boatmate (Featured Photo), the fish was on and in hand.  Later, on a different bay, the same phenomenon, as a smallie stalked us at about 10 feet on the shoreline side of the boat.  Was it the vibration of trolling motor? The flicker of the metal prop on the kicker? Perhaps it’s a new pattern?

Stay Sharp!




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