Daily Edge for Thu. Aug. 3

AFTER THE RAIN. Birds and broods were out in full force following the rains which swept over the state, dropping anywhere from .25 to 1 inch.  Under clearing skies and light winds, the evening provided a chance to catch up with wildlife, but the day gave plenty of time for firearms lore, which we touch on in today’s Three Things.

(Featured Photo: A hen pheasant and four chicks dry out in an alfalfa field north of Bismarck. Simonson Photo)


WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
Today: Thu 8/3 – Cool but dry. Hi 74, Lo 51, Winds N @ 9
Tomorrow:  Fri 8/4 – More of the same. 73, Lo 50, Winds N @ 11

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):
Sunrise: 6:27AM Sunset: 9:11PM
Moonrise: 6:17PM Moonset: 2:55AM
Overhead: 10:59PM Underfoot: 10:35AM
Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous (84% Full)

EDGE HOUR.    5:45-6:45PM.    Take your supper on the lake and hit the water this evening for your best shot at a bite, following the recent cold front.  Conditions will be tough and you’ll need every minute of the Edge Hour for some help.  Go deeper, go slower, go clearer.



GAUGE IT.  The term gauge comes from an English diameter measurement system, whereby the number in the gauge represents the number of lead spherical balls in a pound that would fit in the barrel of a shotgun.  For example, a 12 gauge barrel would fit a sphere of lead weighing 1/12 pound.  A 16 guage, a lead ball of 1/16 pound and so on.  It gets pretty complicated beyond that.

GOING BACK TO CAL.  Similarly, caliber is the internal measurement of a rifle barrel, measured in hundredths of an inch. A basic understanding only scratches the surface of the multitude of options available to firearms enthusiasts, and a lot has happened since the first .56-caliber rifle was created in the late 1800s.

INSUFFICIENT MEMORY.  If you’re not tapped out yet on all these technical shooting terms, Dram (a play on computer terms, right hunting/tech nerds?) is also a measurement of volume, particularly in the amount of gunpowder in a shotgun shell, or the equivalent of that volume of powder.

So much to learn, so little time.

Stay Sharp.

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