Daily Edge for Mon. Aug. 14

FEELS LIKE MONDAY.  Warm, calm, nearly perfect?  Sounds like Monday in the latest weather swing. Get out early or late for the best bites as last quarter gives us a bump.  We break down trail cam terminology in today’s Three Things so you can get the most out of your eyes in the field as fall approaches!

(Featured Photo: A tall 3×4 whitetail buck wanders into the camera angle.  Simonson Photo)


WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
Today: Mon 8/14 – Clouds build back in late. Hi 75, Lo 50, Winds ESE @ 10.
Tomorrow: Tue 8/15 – Another round of rain. Hi 72, Lo 60, Winds E at 8.

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):
Sunrise: 6:41AM Sunset: 8:54PM
Moonrise: 12:08AM Moonset: 2:14PM
Overhead: 7:06AM Underfoot: 7:33PM
Moon Phase: Last Quarter at 8:15PM

EDGE HOUR.  7:15 – 8:15PM. Another shift in the weather combined with approaching sunset, moon underfoot and a minor moon phase make tonight’s Edge Hour a combination of all the things you’ll need to get through this unstable stretch of weather with an evening of great fishing and solunar factors.



PIR-FECT. Used in reference to the passive infrared given off by a target that enters a camera’s angle and triggers the photo in low-light hours, the PIR setting can be adjusted from high to low, depending on how easily a person wants to trigger a picture.  These sensors detect changes in temperature via something warmer giving off more infrared energy, entering a cooler, stable environment.  This sends the signal to snap the photo.

PULL THE TRIGGER.  Trigger speed, measured in seconds, is the time it takes from the motion of a deer to set off the camera.  The fastest models on the market today are just a matter of milliseconds in delay, and most are under a second or so.

RECOVERY.  Recovery time is the time between taking one photo and then the next one.  Like Trigger Speed, this feature has become shorter and shorter over the past five years, with many cameras now having recovery times of less than one second to up to five seconds.  Still older models may take 10, 15 30 or even 60 seconds to recover and take a new photo.

Now you know – adjust your cam accordingly!

Stay Sharp!

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