Daily Edge for Fri. Sep. 15

SWAMPY START!  It’ll be a wet first day of the ND Youth Deer Season by noon when it kicks off today, but this shift in conditions might get things moving for the ND Youth Waterfowl Weekend on Saturday and Sunday. No matter the weather, make sure to take a kid into the outdoors this fall and pass on your wisdom, what signs and trails to follow, how to set up a blind and a decoy spread, and share the great traditions of hunting in the Peace Garden State.

(Featured Photo: Sign of the Times.  A recently shredded sapling bears the hallmark of bucks stopping along a trail to make their presence known in a PLOTS area near Regan, ND. Simonson Photo)


WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
Today: Fri 9/15 – A wash out.  Hi 57, Lo 52, Wind NE @ 19, G29.
Tomorrow:  Sat 9/16 – Post-frontal chill. Hi 55, Lo 46, Wind N @ 10.

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times)
Sunrise: 7:22AM Sunset: 7:53PM
Moonrise: 2:01AM Moonset: 5:42M
Overhead: 9:45AM Underfoot: 10:14PM
Moon Phase:  Waning Crescent (23% Full)

EDGE HOUR.   6:30 – 7:30AM Today’s Edge Hour is the driest one of the day.  Nothing to do with moon at all – everything after 10AM is going to be wet, Wet, WET – so you’ll want to get out before the worst of the rain settles in over the area.



RUB IT IN. As in today’s featured photo, a deer rub signals two things – first, the loss of antler velvet by bucks rubbing their headgear against a small tree or thicker brush and second the establishment of a scent trail via apocrine glands which lay out a territorial map for other bucks.  Typically, a good rule of thumb is: the bigger the tree, or higher up the rub, the bigger the buck’s rack and the older he is.

QUACK ATTACK.  In this week’s webcast, the NDG&F looks ahead to the general waterfowl opener.  Historically, local populations fall in about the middle of the last 70 years, due to up-and-down water conditions and loss of habitat on the landscape. Brood numbers were down just slightly this year, but size was up.  Check out all the important info at the NDG&F website, including regulations for tomorrow’s Youth Waterfowl Weekend.

ON THE TRAIL.  When you’re not after ducks or deer, get ready for a fun run that supports a great place.  The Harmon Lake Fall Trail Run features a full and half marathon, 15k and 5k trail race on Sat. Sep. 30 and then an 8 mi and 5k run on Oct. 1.  Loaded with great finisher memorabilia and swag, the event supports a fun rec area (sleeper panfishery!) located just a few miles north of Mandan, ND.  Register online!

Lock one in, eyes to the sky, lace ’em up and Stay Sharp!




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