Daily Edge for Sat. Oct. 14

SPITTING SATURDAY.  We’ll get a taste of cool today, with light, intermittent rain and possibly a few flakes falling in the first half of the day, before winds on the backside blow down from the northwest, keeping things chilly throughout the afternoon.  You should start to see more waterfowl migrating in the coming days, and when we get a calm stretch, early next week, deer will be moving as well. Speaking of moving, we’re visiting old haunts in Lyon County, Minn. for that state’s Governor’s Pheasant Opener.

(Featured Photo: Dakota Edge Outdoors’ Nick Simonson with a pair of Minnesota roosters from a WMA near Marshall in 2015. Simonson Photo)


WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
Today: ­­­ Sat 10/14 – Hi 48, Lo 37, Winds NW@22, G30.
Tomorrow: Sun 10/15 – Hi 58, Lo 30, Winds NW@15, G25

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times)
Sunrise: 8:01AM Sunset: 6:56PM
Moonrise: 206AM Moonset 4:48PM
Overhead: 9:3A2M Underfoot: 9:58PM
Moon Phase:  Waning Crescent (27% Full)

EDGE HOUR. 8:30-9:30AM.  Take your Edge Hour early today, as we’re trying to find the bright spot. It won’t be as windy in the morning and you’ll have moon overhead for a little bump.



ANOTHER OPENER.  We’re off the edge and on site this weekend for the Minnesota Governor’s Pheasant Opener in Marshall, Minn.  What’s the big difference between North Dakota and Minnesota pheasant hunting (besides everything being wetter and most crops still up)? A two-bird limit until Dec. 1, when the DNR expands bags to three roosters and a season-long non-resident license. While numbers are off their 2016 highs, hunting should be good in the state’s pheasant range as harvest picks up.

WALK RIGHT IN.  Similar to North Dakota’s PLOTS, the Minnesota DNR’s Walk-In Access (WIA) program allows hunters to access high-quality acres in conservation reserve or other set-aside arrangements throughout the western and southern third of the state.  The safety-yellow hexagon signs are easily noted from the road, and provide top-quality huntable habitat totaling over 23,000 acres. For the most access, try Lincoln County along the South Dakota Line.

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER.  Openers expand across the region in the coming weeks with South Dakota’s Pheasant Opener kicking off next Sat., Oct. 21.  Hit hard by a loss of habitat in recent years due to expiring CRP contracts, there is growing concern in the state with a pheasant on its quarter that bird harvests will begin to drop dramatically in the coming years.

Stay Sharp!


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