Daily Edge for Mon. Oct. 23

ALL DOWNHILL FROM HERE.  This morning’s gusts will peak at over 50 mph, and will stay sustained in the 30 mph-range all day.  The rest of the week’s weather remains breezy, but not nearly as fast as today’s winds will be; a couple models hint at some flakes later this week as well.  Autumn has arrived – spooky!

(Featured Photo: A fork in the dark.  Deer eyes, like those of raccoons, walleyes and wolves, reflect light due to the tapetum lucidum, a layer we talk about in today’s Three Things.  Simonson Photo)


WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
Today: ­­­ Mon 10/23 – Wow-level winds.  Hi 55, Lo 43, Winds NW@30, G50+
Tomorrow: Tue 10/24 – 20 mph feels “calm.”  Hi 56, Lo 35, Winds NW@13, G20

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times)
Sunrise: 8:14AM Sunset: 6:40PM
Moonrise: 11:50AM Moonset 9:23PM
Overhead: 4:38PM Underfoot: 4:14AM
Moon Phase:  Waxing Crescent (14% Full)

EDGE HOUR.   4:00-5:00PM.  Winds will start to lessen (to 25 mph) later in the day, and moon overhead will provide an uptick in animal movement in today’s Edge Hour.



TAP OUT.  Those two spooky glowing orbs you see on the side of the road is the reflection of your headlights on the tapetum lucidum in the eyes of various critters.  Unlike humans, many animals (especially nocturnal ones) possess a special layer in their eyes designed to help them better see in the dark; that’s why that evening walleye bite is soooo good, or why coyotes are most efficient and active at night. The color it reflects can vary based on species and characteristic of the specialized layer and eye construction – from silver and gold to green or blue.

GLOW GOO.  If you’re sitting at your fishing desk this week, thinking of how to add a little spookiness to your spoons or jigs, try adding a coat of glow paint to get them ready for those evening outings on the ice this winter.  First hitting the market over two decades ago as a dim greenish-white offering, glow paint has expanded to a variety of bright, colorful options for lure makers.  In both liquid and powder forms, glow paint gives you great ways of coloring up your favorite spoons.

WHAT A LIFE.  One of the scariest looking fish is the deepsea anglerfish (there are over 100 species of them).  With a bioluminescent lure protruding from her head, the large female draws prey in the dark depths, and with her needle-like teeth can inhale fish much larger than her and digest them in an expandable stomach.  In many anglerfish species, the smaller male, when he finds a mate, will bite into her side or back, and slowly merge the cells of his body with hers, until only his gonads remain to help fertilize her eggs. Talk about monogamy! Wired has a great expose on these gross critters and links to a cool video!

Stay Sharp!


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