Daily Edge for Mon. Oct. 30

MISS THIS?  Ol’ Man Winter takes another swipe at cooling down North Dakota, as yesterday’s wind and chill persist throughout much of the day today.  Things will calm down tonight, giving you an opportunity to get outdoors tomorrow.  However, there’s plenty to catch up on and get ready for while you wait, as we talk trap shooting, calendar periods and the last of the state’s deer tags in today’s Three Things.

(Featured Photo:   Technically, it’s a unicorn.  This one-antlered spike buck pauses for a quick pic in front of the trail camera. Simonson Photo)


WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
Today: ­­­ Mon 10/30 – Cool all day. Hi 33, Lo 27, Winds NW@23 G33.
Tomorrow:  Tue 10/31 – Spookily nice. Hi 40, Lo 18, Winds SW@11.

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times)
Sunrise: 8:24AM Sunset: 6:29PM
Moonrise: 4:39PM Moonset 2:45AM
Overhead: 10:11PM Underfoot: 9:47AM
Moon Phase:  Waxing Gibbous (76% Full)

EDGE HOUR.    6:00-7:00PM.  Winds drop off quickly in today’s Edge Hour, giving you some time to get outdoors before dark. Watch for the start of the full moon to influence pre-rut deer movement in the coming days – especially when things briefly get calm.



FALL FINALE.  The North Dakota State High School Clay Target League (ND CTL) finished up their fall season on Saturday, and top team honors went to Oak Grove and Grafton High Schools in their respective conferences.  Top male shooter in the fall league was Brayden Kempel of Oak Grove and top female shooter was Miranda Ness of South Prairie. For full results, visit the Fall League Awards page and congrats to all who took the stand this season!

11 PHASES OF FISHING.  While your calendar might have 12 pages, the long-standing In-Fisherman calendar of angling has 11.  Jeff Simpson’s essay on the F+L+P=S system lays out the eleven stages that fish go through every year, despite weather patterns which may shorten or lengthen some of them.  Entering the last “Cold Water” portion of the calendar, you might have an opportunity in the next few days to bunker down and learn more about great fishing, if you can’t get out there.

SPEAKING OF 11.  As of this post, there are 11 tags remaining for antlerless whitetails in unit 4F for the upcoming gun season.  So, if you need to fill the freezer, there’s still a shot at bagging that nice doe this November – if you hurry.  These tags are open to residents and non-residents alike, and can be purchased via the NDG&F website.


Stay Sharp!


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