Daily Edge for Thu. Nov. 23

LET US GIVE THANKS! Hard to believe we’ll hit the mid-60s today.  Great for that backyard football game, or pheasant hunting in t-shirts!  However you work off your turkey today, give thanks for all the great things we have in the outdoors in this state – including great public lands and access – as part of today’s Three Things.

 (Featured Photo: A WMA near Bismarck, N.D. welcomes hunters.  Photo by Nick Simonson)


WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
Today: ­­­ Thu 11/23 – Okay, shorts on Thanksgiving. Hi 65, Lo 29, Winds SW@6.
Tomorrow:  Fri 11/24 – Windy Black Friday. Hi 50, Lo 41, Winds NW@25, G33.

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times)
Sunrise: 7:58AM Sunset: 5:01PM
Moonrise: 12:00PM Moonset 9:30PM
Overhead: 4:43PM Underfoot: 4:20AM
Moon Phase:  Waxing Crescent (23% Full)

EDGE HOUR: 4:00 – 5:00PM.  Moon overhead, warm temps and light winds combine for an Edge Hour you can give thanks for.


THREE THINGS (We’re Thankful For).

PUBLIC ACCESS.  Whether it’s fishing or hunting, having readily accessible public lands, or private lands which allow hunters to enter on to them is something that isn’t often found in the rest of the civilized world, where such outdoor opportunity is only afforded to the rich, land-owning, or generationally-inclined.  Be thankful for the ability to simply walk onto a WMA or a piece of PLOTS, and do it this weekend!

MASS QUANTITIES. Can you imagine creating your own crankbaits, or fashioning a hook out of bone, wood or other material?  There’s no need for such work (unless you want to) now, and brands like Rapala, Storm and others are at your disposal.  It’s never been easier, broader or more exciting to select a favorite lure and do so in multiples, so you always have a backup.

HEN PHEASANTS.  Nothing will get us out of this trough unless we have hens in the picture.  Every time you see one, be thankful and hopeful she makes it to the next year to beget anywhere from 6 to 12 chicks (on a first attempt).  Get them some grass, and it’ll be all the faster.

Be Thankful and Stay Sharp!

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