Daily Edge for Thu. Dec. 7

BREAK LOOSE!  As yesterday was an inside day with its cold and windy conditions, today’s calm and warmer temps will give you your best weekday option to get outdoors.  Wintertime, with its shorter days and longer nights provides ample time for reading.  What are some of your favorite books on the outdoors?  We look through our stack of favorites and offer up some classics – and other writings by these great authors – in today’s Three Things.

(Featured Photo: Book It! Just a few of the classics and manuals on hand in the Dakota Edge Outdoors office that are worth a second or third trip through. Simonson Photo)


WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
Today: ­­­ Thu 12/7 – Calming down some. Hi 30, Lo 7, Winds NW@10.
Tomorrow: Fri 12/8 – Rising NW Winds. Hi 30, Lo 24, Winds NW@16, G30.

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times)
Sunrise: 8:15AM Sunset: 4:54PM
Moonrise: 9:53PM Moonset 11:51AM
Overhead: 4:20AM Underfoot: 4:48PM
Moon Phase:  Waning Gibbous (78% Full)

EDGE HOUR:   4:15 – 5:15PM.  Moon underfoot aligned with sunset and comfortable conditions during the Edge Hour will make this afternoon the one of the week to bail on work early!



BUMMIN’ IT.  Trout Bum by John Gierach highlights the adventures and misadventures of one of America’s best known writing fly anglers.  From the coldwater streams of the Rockies, Gierach covers a variety of fly fishing scenarios in a number of short stories that make for easy reading.

GET IN.  The In-Fisherman series of Handbooks written nearly two decades ago incorporate the knowledge of the original staff of the magazine, and build on the F+L+P=S equation for each species.  In the Smallmouth Bass Handbook of Strategies, Al Lindner and company share timely tactics for bronzebacks throughout the year.

AW, HECK.  Renowned outdoors writer Jim Zumbo’s stories regarding the successes, failures and downright funny experiences in the outdoors in pursuit of all species of deer are captured in this quick-witted compilation.  To Heck With Deer Hunting draws on decades of experience and reflects on a simpler time in the nation’s hunting history.

Read Up, Stay Sharp!

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