Daily Edge for Tue. Jan. 2

SUPER START!  The full moon and warming conditions will improve opportunities to get outdoors whether finishing off the last week of upland hunting (ends 1/7), or getting out on the ice in earnest after some challenging cold conditions.  The power of the waning supermoon should spur some solid strikes, so take advantage of temps in the 20s and set the hook, but watch the rising wind on that flipover tarp!  With more conducive conditions, we talk heating options for your house, hands and holes in today’s Three Things.

(Featured Photo: The first of January’s two Supermoons rises over Bismarck. Simonson Photo)


WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
Today:  Tue 1/2 – Warm, just in time for work. Hi 20, Lo -14, Winds NW@20, G30.
Tomorrow:  Wed 1/3 – Calm but colder. Hi 10, Lo -3, Winds L&V.

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times)
Sunrise: 8:27AM Sunset: 5:07PM
Moonrise: 6:14PM Moonset 8:46AM
Overhead: 12:57AM Underfoot: 1:29PM
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous (99% Full)

EDGE HOUR:    8:00 – 9:00AM.  Moonset and sunrise combine for a solid start to a good day on the ice in today’s Edge Hour.


SUNFLOWER FIELDS.  Long before its brand of Buddies became the go-to propane heater option in ice houses, there was the Mr. Heater sunflower.  A simple, screw-in option that connected directly to a propane tank and blasted heat out to keep ice houses warm, and holes open, the sunflower made quick work of cold days and still remains a popular option for ice anglers heating large houses quickly.  Just remember to ventilate, as carbon monoxide can be a concern.

GRAB BAG.  Created in Japan in 1923, the disposable handwarmer made popular for hunters and ice anglers by companies like Grabber uses a contained chemical reaction combining iron filings, water, oxygen and a few other components to generate heat via the reaction that keeps hands, toes and other body parts warm.  In the last decade or so, offerings have expanded to include stick-on boot-toe models and body patches for those really chilly days.

HOLE HOLDER.  Ever fish an ice tourney where shanties aren’t allowed, but sub-zero temps will freeze holes over in a minute or so?  Try this tip.  Find an empty coffee can (METAL, not plastic) and fill the bottom with charcoal briquettes. Seal the can back up, and pack it in with your gear.  When you get on the ice, use a little lighter fluid and a match to get the briquettes started and set the can on the ice an inch or so to the side of your hole and chisel a small channel between the can’s location and the fishing hole. The warming briquettes will heat the can, which melts the ice, which deposits warm water in your hole via the channel and keeps it from freezing. Just make sure to not touch the hot metal with your line when you hook and battle that prize winning walleye!

Stay Warm, Stay Sharp!


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