Daily Edge for Thu. Jan. 11

GOING DOWN.  The blast of snow and wind tapers today, as anywhere from two to five inches fell across the western part of the state.  Things settle down giving you a chance to dig out, but dress warm as our daytime highs fall below zero again.  Even your “unfreezable” bobber might face some challenges today and tomorrow until we warm up in the back half of the weekend.  We talk about that and more in today’s Three Things.


WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
Today:  Thu 1/11 – Post frontal chill. Hi -2, Lo -8, Winds N@23, G33 to L&V PM.
Tomorrow:  Fri 1/12 – Cold & calm.  Hi -2, Lo -15, Winds N@7.

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times)
Sunrise: 8:25AM Sunset: 5:17PM
Moonrise: 3:28AM Moonset 1:50PM
Overhead: 8:42AM Underfoot: 9:05PM
Moon Phase: Waning Crescent (24% Full)

EDGE HOUR:    1:30-2:30PM.  Winds will start to drop off mid-afternoon and moonset may help things in today’s Edge Hour, but fish will be in a post-frontal funk, for sure.


TOTALLY.  The NWS out of Chanhassen, Minn., does a great job of keeping up-to-the-hour snowfall totals from nearly every snow storm through the agency’s network of weather monitoring stations.  You can drag the interactive map to your location to see what the readouts were for yesterday’s weathermaker and for any future events.

YOU’RE BUSTED!  The Ice Buster bobber has become a staple in most every ice fisherman’s arsenal.  A small cylinder of foam atop a red plastic clip lays flat until it hits the stop.  At which point, it pops up vertically when a bobber stop connects with small slit on the clip.  This eliminates the need for a bead, reducing freeze-up on the retrieve when a fish takes it, and the foam is tough for ice growing on the surface of a hole to attach to, allowing the bobber to go down even when things freeze over a little bit.

SNOUTS UP.  Speaking of busting ice, check out this video by CNN of alligators along the Carolina coast after the recent cold spell froze up their ponds.  By keeping their snouts above the ice, they are able to get air and by going into a semi-dormant state, are able to withstand the chilly temperatures around them until things warm up.  To quote Dr. Malcolm, “nature finds a way.”

Stay Sharp!


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