Pressure Ridges More Prevalent This Year

NDG&F Press Release

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department reminds ice anglers that caution is always advised when traveling on frozen waters, even though recent ice conditions may appear safe.

Education coordinator Brian Schaffer said extreme cold temperatures have created much better ice conditions in most of the state, but driving or fishing near pressure ridges should be avoided.

“Pressure ridges are a way of life when it comes to ice fishing, but this year there appears to be more of them, especially in south central North Dakota,” Schaffer said.
Pressure ridges, cracks, and slushy or dark areas signal thinner ice.

“The same goes for ice that forms around partially submerged trees, brush and embankments, especially under bridges,” Schaffer said.

In addition, Schaffer said snow hides blemishes, such as cracked, weak and open water areas.

“Simply put, anglers need to be aware of the current conditions, and continue to monitor ice conditions as winter moves along,” he added.

(Featured Photo: Despite thick ice on most lakes, anglers should be aware of pressure ridges and areas of less stable surface ice. NDG&F Photo)

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