Daily Edge for Sat. Feb. 3

BUCK THE TREND.  Bucktail is a favorite streamer material when tying up flies for everything from trout to bass to pike.  Its hollow hairs keep it just under the surface when unweighted and its subtle shimmy in the water gives a life-like appearance.  We lay out at trio of our favorite bucktail streamer patterns in today’s Three Things, because you’ll probably be indoors through tomorrow.

(Featured Photo: A batch of died bucktail can make for hours of great tying. Simonson Photo).

Today:  Sat. 2/3 – Tapering Snow. Hi 6, Lo 0, Winds NE@8.
Tomorrow:  Sun. 2/4 – Winds Pick Up. Hi 7, Lo -11, Winds W@18, G25

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times)
Sunrise: 8:03AM Sunset: 5:50PM
Moonrise: 9:57PM Moonset 10:00AM
Overhead: 3:28AM Underfoot: 3:53PM
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous (87% Full)

EDGE HOUR:   3:30-4:30PM.  Underfoot and sunset tighten and snow will taper helping you through the frontal funk in today’s Edge Hour.



CLASSIC CLOUSER.  The Clouser Minnow is a forty-year old pattern that resembles a baitfish, with darker bucktail tied over lighter bucktail with a few strands of krystal flash in between, the pattern is easily stripped and streaked through the water.  With a set of dumbbell eyes, it can get down in the column for schooling fish like white bass and crappies and to the bottom for foraging smallmouth and even walleyes.

FINN TO WIN.  The Mickey Finn is a bright blast in the water initially designed for trout and salmon, but works best on aggressive fish like pike and pickerel that are less discerning.  A great synopsis can be found in this Field and Stream article which posits the likely origin of the name.

SHINE ON.  The Franke (or Lake Erie) Shiner combines a minnow-like profile with lots of flash for a streamer that can be ripped through shallow schools of baitfish, triggering a bite from nearby predators.  Thinner than a Clouser and light-weight, Lloyd Franke’s pattern is easily cast with a five-weight rod and produces rod-bending strikes from summertime schools of white bass in North Dakota lakes.

Stay Sharp!

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