Daily Edge for Tue. Feb. 20

MONITORING MIGRANTS.  While the white stuff will reappear overnight and early this morning, those white spring birds probably won’t make their way north for a few weeks, especially if things stay cool.  We talk about snow geese and other migrating birds seen in ND and where they are now in today’s Three Things.

(Featured Photo:  A flock of snow geese fill the horizon. Simonson Photo)

Today:  Tue 2/20 – Snow tapers early – Hi 11, Lo-2, Winds NW@11
Tomorrow:  Wed 2/21 – Southerlies come in – Hi 17, Lo -9, Winds SW@8.

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):
Sunrise: 7:36AM Sunset: 6:16PM
Moonrise: 10:08AM Moonset 11:36PM
Overhead: 4:46PM Underfoot: 4:22AM
Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent (23% Full)

EDGE HOUR: 4:30-5:30PM.  With moon overhead and lessening snow, conditions should be better for getting out there in today’s Edge Hour.


READY FOR SNOW(S).  The NDG&F maintains a hunter’s hotline with information on the just-started spring light goose season.  While snow geese are still several states south of here, sportsmen can get the latest scoop by checking in with the NDG&F’s spring migration notes online or by calling 701-328-3697.

DON’T CRY FOR ME.  The mourning dove is also a migrant that returns to North Dakota  in the spring; typically late April and into early May.  Known for its sad-sounding coo, particularly early in the morning, the birds that breed and summer in North Dakota typically migrate south in the winter, but much of the population found in Nebraska into the lower continental U.S. are resident birds in those areas

HUM DINGER.  Hummingbirds can be spied in the Peace Garden State, particularly in the eastern edge along the forested Sheyenne and Red River corridors and up into the Pembina Gorge and Turtle Mountain areas.  They typically return to the state, which is on the western edge of their breeding range, in early May.

Stay Sharp!


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