Daily Edge for Fri. Feb. 23

SOLID GOLD. A great stretch of weather starts the weekend off right, and light snow chances tomorrow shouldn’t dampen any travel or ice fishing plans.  Highs near 30 the next few days may spur a little melting too, as the sun’s angle steepens and gets stronger.  We talk guns and ammo in today’s Three Things.

Today:  Fri 2/23 – Calm start to weekend. Hi 18, Lo 3, Winds L&V
  Sat 2/24 – Slight chance of snow. Hi 29, Lo 1, Winds S@8.

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):
Sunrise: 7:31AM Sunset: 6:20PM
Moonrise: 11:50AM Moonset 1:55AM
Overhead: 7:23PM Underfoot: 6:55AM
Moon Phase: First Quarter @ 2:09AM

EDGE HOUR: 11:30AM – 12:30PM.  Noon bite! Catch some fish with your lunch hour as the First Quarter moon rising sets up a good Edge Hour.



REM OIL ANYONE?  Maker of the venerable 870 Express, Remington Outdoor Co., has filed for bankruptcy protection as sales of shotguns and rifles have slumped nationwide.  Owned primarily by the massive Cerberus Management hedge fund, the company that has brought timeless classics like the Wingmaster and VersaMax has faced troubles as of late beyond slumping sales, including besmirched brands like its Bushmaster and 700 rifle series.

REMEMBER WHEN?   There was a run on .22 LR ammo, and it was virtually unfindable on store shelves?  When it came in it sold for nearly double its historical price of about $25 for 500 rounds?  In that pre-slump boom in 2013 to 2016, when guns were selling faster than any other time in history, ammo moved nearly as fast and while multiple calibers of bullets ended up being scarce, nothing was rarer than a box of .22 LR.  Now, with the decline in gun sales, ammo supplies are fattening up as well, and prices are returning to normal.

TRAP DEMAND.  With the expansion of programs such as USA Clay Target League, millions of more rounds of target loads are being fired year over year. Take 500 teams times an armchair average of 30 kids per team, times 16 rounds of clays, times 25 shells for each round and you’ve got a spitball estimate of 6 million shells (bare minimum) fired in just the spring league season alone.  Finally, a replacement for fear-based demand!

Stay Sharp!

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