Daily Edge for Mon. Mar. 5

IT’S A GOOD DAY TO TIE.  Odds are you’ll be inside today (when you’re not out plowing the driveway or shoveling the walkway) making it a perfect day to be at the vise.  With up to a foot of snow forecasted for the area, and more in some places, we’ll put the idea of an early spring on hold as we talk about that and more in today’s Three Things.

(Featured Photo: Beadhead nymphs stack up in a fly box.  How many can you tie on your snow day? Simonson Photo)

Today:  Mon 3/5 – 10 inches of snow. Hi 33, Lo 26, Winds N@25, G35
Tomorrow:  Tue 3/6 – Snow tapers. Hi 28, Lo 20, Winds N@17, G 25.

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):
Sunrise: 7:35AM Sunset: 6:35PM
Moonrise: 11:00PM Moonset 9:22AM
Overhead: 3:42AMUnderfoot: 4:06PM
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous (84% Full)

EDGE HOUR:  9:00-10:00AM.  Really you shouldn’t be out today due to conditions during all 24 hours, but moonset would be your best bet for an Edge Hour.



ONE LAST LOOK.  Models have been fairly consistent in the last 48 hours, swatting the central stretch of the state with some solid snowfall.  The worst of it looks to fall north of the border, a swath of 8-12 inches will run from Lake Oahe up to Minot, with lesser amounts in the southwest and southeast corners of the Peace Garden State.  Don’t travel and keep an eye on the radar!

POETIC LICENSE. Don’t forget to circle the date or send an Outlook reminder, as the turn of the ND Fishing License calendar happens on April 1.  Make sure to get that new license taken care of before you hit those spring waters in just a few weeks.  We know, with all the snow today it seems like spring will be some ways off, but even if you’re still ice fishing at that time, you’ll need a new one!

DON’T RELEASE.  While catch and release is a well-established mantra for conservation, the release of unwanted fish from aquariums has caused a conundrum all its own.  From exotic catfish in Louisiana to Amazonian pacu right here in North Dakota, odd catches that are a tad out of place are becoming more frequent as aquarium owners release fish that grow too big for their tanks.  Biologists provide countless cautionary tales of species that are released, breed and outcompete native species, including the nigh-unstoppable lionfish.

Stay Sharp!

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