Daily Edge for Thu. Mar. 8

DAYS AWAY!  We’re just a matter of hours from longer days and more springlike temperatures, with the shifting of the clocks ahead to daylight savings time and a rapid increase in day length as well.  With that, we’ve got news on the rarest of big game tags in ND and other fun web stuff in today’s Three Things.

(Featured Photo: Crappies linger near the bottom with a gar in the background. Simonson Photo)

Today:  Thu 3/8 – Sunny, warmer afternoon. Hi 29, Lo 4, Winds SE@8.
Tomorrow:  Fri 3/9 – Temps into the 30s. Hi 32, Lo 15, Winds S@10.

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):
Sunrise: 7:09AM Sunset: 6:39PM
Moonrise: 1:07AM Moonset 10:54AM
Overhead: 6:03AM Underfoot: 6:27PM
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous (51% Full)

EDGE HOUR:  5:00 – 6:00PM.  Sunset with moon underfoot, light winds and warmer temps will give you the Edge Hour you need this evening.



THE BIG THREE.  Lottery applications are up online for the 2018 North Dakota Moose, Elk and Bighorn Sheep seasons.  For just $5 a pop you can toss your name in the hat for a shot at getting one of these “once-in-a-lifetime” tags for next fall.  Odds are slim, but they’re better than the Powerball and probably just as memorable.

A LITTLE BUZZ. Check out this cool video short from Nat Geo, where researchers glue tiny radio transmitters to the backs of wasps to track their movement and study animal altruism.  The tiny backpack units are carried by the wasps to their hive in order to provide insight into their social structure.

MIGHTY EAGLES.  To wrap up your web-viewing pleasure, check out Journeyman.tv’s documentary on the Mongolian Eagle Hunters, falconry masters employing the biggest of birds to hunt the formidable countryside and we realize the thrill of the hunt transcends culture and method.



Stay Sharp!

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