Daily Edge for Mon. Mar. 19

HAND IT OVER! We’ll get through a snowy Monday and through what could be a sloppy week in traditional March fashion – one day at a time.  With the melting going on, you should be able to get out for some late season ice action and travel shouldn’t be that bad.  We talk about what’s at hand, what’s ahead and what anti-muskie antics are occurring in that state to the east in today’s Three Things.

(Featured Photo: A nice bluegill couldn’t turn down a tungsten jig on Saturday. Simonson Photo)

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):
Sunrise: 7:48AM Sunset: 7:55PM
Moonrise: 9:11AM Moonset 10:26PM
Overhead: 3:43PM Underfoot: 3:19AM
Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent (5% Full)

EDGE HOUR:  3:15 – 4:15PM.  Snow tapers later in the afternoon, and moon overhead should help some in the Edge Hour.



NOW’S THE TIME.  The late ice bite is kicking in across the region.  From panfish to predators, now is the time to get out after ‘em as they make their spawning moves.  Check in with local resorts and tackleshops for ice quality as spring wears on – be safe and smart, and target those classic areas that can easily be reached via short, safe travel.  Many bodies of water still sport ice up to three feet thick, but remember, thawing and meltwater can change conditions rapidly!

SLOP STORM SATURDAY?  Once we get through today’s inch or three, we have Saturday’s system of sloppy snow to look forward to.  Models are running up to five inches in the Bismarck area, with a spike in temps the following day to 45(?) degrees.  Maybe you can hold off the snow plow on Sunday?

MUSKIE MADNESS.  It appears the Ottertail Contingent is at it again, attacking the Minnesota DNR’s Muskie Plan with all the fervor and vitriol of an uninformed public shouting (despite numerous published studies, population samples, surveys and tests showing otherwise) that muskies are eating EVERYTHING (walleyes, sunnies and crappies, oh my) in EVERY LAKE they’re EVER stocked in.   The Senator in charge of the knee-jerk campaign is the HEAD of the Environmental and Natural Resources Committee (maybe someone should tell him one of his showy office mounts is a non-native species as well?).  With friends like that, right?  It’s years like this I’m happy ND is a biennial legislature.

Stay Sharp!

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