Daily Edge for Thu. Mar. 22

MORE WHITE ON THE WAY?  While today’s seasonal and partly sunny conditions don’t tip Ma Nature’s hand, the hint on the growing east wind points to a snow-to-rain-to-yuck system that will make its way across the upper plains.  Get in whatever outside time you need today, because Friday will be…interesting.  Speaking of interesting, we’ve got all your pre-squall reading in today’s Three Things.

(Featured Photo: A rooster pheasant makes its way up a snowbank north of Bismarck at first light., N.D. Simonson Photo)

Today:  Thu 3/22 – Live it up today! Hi 40, Lo 23, Winds SE@9
Tomorrow:  Fri 3/23 – 24-Hour Slopstorm. Hi 37, Lo 34, Winds SE@ 22, G33
SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):
Sunrise: 7:42AM Sunset: 7:59PM
Moonrise: 10:49AM Moonset 12:48AM
Overhead: 6:19PM Underfoot: 5:52AM
Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent (29% Full)

:  6:00-7:00PM.  Before the front arrives, take moon overhead into an evening of great fishing, starting with the Edge Hour!



THAT’S ROUGH.  When I wore a younger man’s waders there was a fun forum on the internet for those who fished the odd backwater “almost-rough” species.  Gar aficionados and bowfin anglers joined up at the Gar Anglers’ Sportsman Society and Bowfin Anglers Group (or “GASSBAG” – like some sort of silly “Get Smart” villain alliance).  Unfortunately, the sands of the internet have buried the old, green-backed website, and event its progeny at garanglers.com and bowfinanglers.com have vanished without a trace – unlike these millennia-old species, which trace their roots back to dinosaur times.

…AND TUMBLE.  Roll the dice tomorrow folks!  From midnight to mid-morning, the predicted precip appears to be snow, with heavy rain following in the afternoon.  A shift in a degree or two could mean the difference between some stick-around snow to a pile-melting pouring of rain.  Either way, this moisture-rich front is bringing a washout to start the weekend as a total water value of one inch is on tap.

…AND BUMBLE.  Catch the buzz.  With spring and its blooms just around the corner, check out the bee and wasp species of North Dakota – including four common bumblebee species.  These pollinators play a role in everything plant-related from better hunting areas and wildlife habitat to the state’s ag industry and those great farmers’ markets!

Stay Sharp!





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