Daily Edge for Sun. Mar. 25

SNOW TRAP.  An icy finish locked snow down on the area yesterday, and many found themselves digging out.  After a relatively nice season for snowfall, winter has made up for what it lacked in the last three months, in just the last three weeks.  Looking ahead to this week, we’ll find out just what March means to area wildlife.  While the ice season isn’t over yet, we talk about tips for auger storage in today’s Three Things.
(Featured Photo: Walkways are cleared of snow at Bismarck’s Capital City Gun Club for the start of the ND Clay Target Season)


Today:  Sun 3/25 – Winds taper. Hi 40, Lo 30, Winds S@7.
Tomorrow:  Mon 3/26 – Calm & cooler. Hi 36, Lo 26, Winds N@6.
SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):
Sunrise: 7:36AM Sunset: 8:03PM
Moonrise: 1:25PM Moonset 4:04AM
Overhead: 9:13PM Underfoot: 8:43AM
Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous (62% Full)

:  1:00-2:00PM.  With winds tapering, warmer temps and moon rising, today’s Edge Hour should get you back on track with a bite!



BLADE REVIEW. On that upcoming final ice trip of the year, make a note as to blade sharpness and whether one or all of them need replacing.  If they do, remove them from the auger and zip-tie them to the handle to serve as a reminder to order new ones.  Check local stores and the web right now for late-ice and post-season deals on blades and be ready for next season.

TREATMENT. After draining, or running the auger dry, pour a dash of Sea Foam into the tank and run it one more time.  The treatment should help clean out any accumulated crud, and make sure the engine is ready for storage.
CAP OFF.  Make sure to unscrew the gas cap on your auger after the final day.  Leaving it on in a warm garage over the summer can cause pressure build-up which can burst the small hoses, requiring replacement next season.  Cover the opening with a paper towel and rubber band to allow the tank to breathe without taking in dust.
Get the Boat Ready and Stay Sharp!


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