Daily Edge for Sat. Mar. 31

SPRING COLOR.  Blue moons. White drifts. Red Robins. That’s what the weekend is bringing in this mash-up of late March and early April which Old Man Winter tightens his grasp around for a while longer.  In the meantime we keep an eye on the outdoors in today’s  Three Things.

Featured Photo: A dozen bright woolly buggers in springlike colors are ready for some crappie fishing action. Simonson Photo


Today:  Sat 3/31 – Normal. For January. Hi 19, Lo 4, Winds NW18, G28.
Tomorrow:  Sun 4/1– Calming Down. Hi 29, Lo 6, Winds SW@7.

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):
Sunrise: 7:24AM Sunset: 8:11PM
Moonrise: 8:32PM Moonset 7:52AM
Overhead: 1:42AM Underfoot: 2:07PM
Moon Phase: Full @ 7:37AM



BLUE MOON GROUP. This morning’s blue moon is the second of the year, don’t forget to grab a photo of it under clearing skies as yesterday’s storm system moves out.  The next month with two full moons will be October, 2020, with the blue moon falling on Halloween.  Spooky!

BUGGED OUT.  Don’t forget to make your flies your own.  You can easily customize this week’s fly pattern for the species you pursue.  If you’re catching crappies on pink jigs and white tubes – tie a bugger up in the same pattern.  Use estaz to add sparkle to the body and krystal flash for added shimmer in the tail.

BILL ME.  Ducks Unlimited has a great story on the science and evolution of duck bills.  From searching the water for food to straining out the mud and junk the birds don’t need, the various portions of the bill developed over millennia help ducks survive and thrive in wetland areas.

Stay Sharp!

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