Daily Edge for Thu. Apr. 19

STABILIZING.  The near-term forecast has high temperatures near or above average (about 57 degrees) for the next four days, so get out and enjoy it.  As rivers and streams open up, opportunities for early season fishing will expand. We talk about those high-percentage areas on flowing water in today’s Three Things.
Featured Photo:  Off the Edge.  The barrier falls of the Baptism River are a natural impediment to upstream fish movement.  Whether natural or manmade, these stopping points are must-fish areas this time of year on any flow.


Today:  Thu 4/19 – Welcome warmup. Hi 52, Lo 30, Wind SE@8.
Tomorrow:  Fri 4/20 – Continued spring! Hi 53, Lo 29, Wind SE@13, G20
SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):
Sunrise: 6:48AM Sunset: 8:37PM
Moonrise: 9:30AM Moonset Fol. Day
Overhead: 5:10PM Underfoot: 4:41AM
Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent (14% Full)

EDGE HOUR: 4:45 – 5:45PM.  A great evening for spring fishing, find some openwater and get on ‘em in today’s Edge Hour.



HEADS UP.  Lowhead dams keep at least some water open year-round, and with the oxygenation and generally warmer water temperatures around these structures, look to them early in the season for the first fish to stack up. Explore them with jigs and live-bait rigs to connect with walleyes, pike and whatever else is making its way upstream.

CROSS IT OFF.  Similar to dams, Texas crossings or shallow riffles will also concentrate fish and break up river ice quicker than main stretches of rivers in the spring.  Explore the pools and deeper stretches immediately after them, and watch for running fish trying to sneak through shallow stretches to go upstream and get set for spawning.

STRUCTURES.  Bridges help break up the flow and the pilings transfer warmth from the air and the sun beating down on the blacktop or railway above.  Work the eddies behind each piling for staging fish, and on cooler days focus on the deeper waters that may be available nearby.

Pick these places out on your favorite river map and stay sharp!


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