Daily Edge for Sat. Apr. 21

SPRING IS HERE!  Welcome to the weekend – and a gorgeous one at that!  After suffering through seven weeks of sub-average temperatures, things are aligning for a great couple of days (maybe weeks?) outside.  So turn those honey-dos into honey-dones, and get out there as we take a closer look at what’s ahead in today’s Three Things!

Featured Photo: A Canada goose trumpets the arrival of spring (and an intruding photographer) from the melting surface of a slough. Simonson Photo.



WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
Today:  Sat 4/21 – Warm but breezy. Hi 61, Lo 34, Wind S@17, G26
Tomorrow:  Sun 4/22 – Great for everything. Hi 64, Lo 38, Wind W@9.

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):
Sunrise: 6:44AM Sunset: 8:39PM
Moonrise: 11:18AM Moonset 2:01AM
Overhead: 7:08PM Underfoot: 6:39AM
Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent (34% Full)
EDGE HOUR: 6:00-7:00AM.  Get on fish early with today’s Edge Hour as moon underfoot and sunrise coincide with the lightest winds of the day.



YOU’VE EARNED IT! Ever ice fished in 60-degree weather?  Wanted to watch the last of the snowpiles vaporize before your eyes?  Ready to bust that boat out of storage and hit the water? Now you can! Welcome to the first perfect weekend of spring (okay, today’s a bit windy, but we’re not complaining)!  You’ve earned this, so get the jig box ready and find some pre-spawn walleyes on open water or ice fish in board shorts, we’re not judging – just be careful and have fun!  The best part? Last weekend’s big storm broke the jet stream – the long range looks good too!

LIGHT DROUGHT. Having come through a tough summer of 2017 in terms of moisture and the noted impacts of those conditions on wildlife, we here at Dakota Edge are keeping an eye on the drought status heading into spring.  The UNL Drought Monitor shows a swipe of dry conditions persisting in the north, west and southern portions of ND with the east-central area sitting at about normal to start the season.  Monday night’s rain may be a welcome wash-up for the region.

WHEN’S ICE OUT? LOOK EAST.  To get an idea on when lake ice is going out across the various tiers of the region while taking into consideration that the weather may be slightly different to the east, and all lakes are variable, check out the MN DNR’s Ice Out Map.  So far Lake Pepin is the only clear lake in MN as of yesterday, which is normal, because it’s on the Mississippi River.  What’s not normal? It’s usually ice free by Mar. 31.


Stay Sharp!


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