Daily Edge for Sun. Apr. 22

SUPER SUNDAY. The warmest day yet of this short spring is a perfect one for fishing, shooting sports, a quick run or a long bike ride.  Take advantage of the great opportunity to get back outdoors!  We go potpourri in today’s Three Things.

Featured Photo: A tom turkey struts atop a hill near Washburn as hens approach from below. Simonson Photo.



WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
Today:  Sun 4/22 – Great for everything. Hi 64, Lo 38, Wind W@9.
Tomorrow:  Mon 4/23 – Warm with a wash. Hi 60, Lo 35, Wind N@15, G5

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):
Sunrise: 6:44AM Sunset: 8:39PM
Moonrise: 12:22PM Moonset 2:56AM
Overhead: 8:06PM Underfoot: 7:38AM
Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent (45% Full)

EDGE HOUR: 12:00-1:00PM.  As temps warm, winds shift to the west and the moon rises to give you a trifecta of awesome in today’s Edge Hour.



EARTH DAY.  Do something good for the outdoors today – Earth Day 2018!   From neighborhood clean-ups to conservation projects, the annual recognition of the planet and keeping it clean, respecting the environment, and working toward peaceful coexistence began in 1970. Find a way to give back today, even if it’s just picking up a few pieces of litter.

ARBORETUM. For a knot that locks line tight to a reel spool and ties quick and easy, it’s tough to beat the arbor knot.  The first overhand knot brings the line together around the central point and the second one snugs up against it to hold everything in place.  The best part – it doesn’t take much practice!

IT IS WHAT WE MAKE OF IT.  Our least favorite saying in the world: “it is what it is.” What a bunch of defeatist crap.  The Smithsonian agrees.  Their new Earth Optimism project unites conservation and ecological groups in their efforts to improve the planet and tout their accomplishments.  From reintroduction of wildlife to areas of extirpation to the improvement of lands and waters, they invite all to share the good things they’ve done to make things better.


Stay Sharp!


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