Daily Edge for Mon. Apr. 30

FULL CURL. There are a number of good ways to add weight, flash and attraction to the head of the fly.  We look at three different options for getting a pattern just right, wehther you need, a little extra weight or a realistic accent to get the fish to bite.


Featured Photo: Gold & Red. Bead chain and dumbell eyes await attachment to a variety of streamers. Simonson Photo.



WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
Today:  Mon 4/30 – Rain early & late? Hi 68, Lo 50, Winds N@16, G24.
Tomorrow:  Tue 5/1 – May starts cool. Hi 52, Lo 38. Winds N@10.

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):
Sunrise: 6:29AM Sunset: 8:51PM
Moonrise: 9:38PM Moonset 7:17AM
Overhead: 1:58AM Underfoot: 2:22M
Moon Phase: Full @ 7:58PM

EDGE HOUR:  6:15 – 7:15AM.  Grab an early Edge Hour and hook up with sunrise, moonset and a solid bite.



DUMBBELL LIFT. Dumbbell eyes in a variety of sizes allow flies like the Clouser minnow, various shrimp and crayfish patterns, and other streamer types to get down in the column to fish.  Tie them in with a series of figure-eight wraps and add a drop of head cement to lock them in place.

CHAINSMOKERS. For a slightly different look with less weight and a slower fall through the water column, bead-chain eye material works great on dragonfly and damselfly nymph imitators and doesn’t drop as quickly, giving fish a longer time to hone in and hit an offering.

MONO MIND. Mono and plastic eyes provide realistic looking options without adding much in the way of weight.  Alternatively, a 30-to-40-pound stretch of monofilament can be slowly melted with a lighter to create very realistic crayfish, crab and shrimp eyes-on-a-stalk for both freshwater and saltwater applications.


Stay Sharp!


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