Daily Edge for Fri. May 4

WARM WEEKEND. Things are shaping up for a great weekend with warm temperatures, light winds and near perfect conditions. Get out there and enjoy it as spring fishing hits its high point.  We talk about that and more in today’s Three Things.


Featured Photo: Burning Bright. The sun sets over the Missouri River valley. Simonson Photo.



WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
Today:  Fri 5/4 – The Fourth Is Strong. Hi 78, Lo 45, Winds W@15, G25.
Tomorrow:  Sat 5/5 – High Fives! Hi 73, Lo 50, Winds N@11.

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):
Sunrise: 6:23AM Sunset: 8:57PM
Moonrise: 12:36AM Moonset 9:46AM
Overhead: 5:11AM Underfoot: 5:36PM
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous (80% Full)

EDGE HOUR:   8:30-9:30PM.  With winds dropping and temps still in the seventies, sunset will produce a solid bite in today’s Edge Hour.



STEADY.  As the near term forecast goes, rain holds off until Monday and early next week may be wet, but nothing heavy as of right now. Looking out a week, temperatures remain stable in the upper sixties and low seventies for highs as spring makes up for lost time. Watch for buds to break with the warmth and some wind in the coming days as well.

HERPETOLOGY 101.  Get the low down on the various frogs, toads, snakes, lizards and turtles found in ND with this handy reptile and amphibian guide from the NDG&F.  Now’s the time you’ll hear frogs and toads in full chorus as mating and egg-laying season begins in sloughs, ponds and wet lowland areas.


NEARING NINE. Tomorrow will be the last day the sun sets before 9pm until August 11. A warm weather season full of late twilights, long weekends, fishing trips and barbecues awaits.  Take it all in, after the super-sized cold weather season we’ve had – you’ve earned it.

Stay sharp!







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