Daily Edge for Mon. May 21

WE’RE SET! The hookset can be the most exciting moment in angling.  Filled with anticipation of connecting with a fish, having the right technique will help bring more of them to boat.  We go through three common standard tackle hooksets in today’s Three Things.


Featured Photo: The sun sets on a great weekend of fishing. Simonson Photo



WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
Today: Mon 5/21 – Another sick day. – Hi 75, Lo 46, Wind SE@10.
Tomorrow: Tue 5/22  – Topping 80! – Hi 81, Lo 50, Wind SE@8.

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):
Sunrise: 6:02AM Sunset: 9:18PM
Moonrise: 12:34AM Moonset 2:25AM
Overhead: 7:53PM Underfoot: 7:26AM
Moon Phase: First Quarter @ 10:49PM

EDGE HOUR: 6:45 – 7:45AM.  Moon underfoot, light winds and the start of the day will combine for a great Edge Hour.



WRIST SHOT.  A quick snap of the wrist is all it takes to set the hook on panfish like bluegills and crappies.  With the nickname of “papermouth” the latter can be hooked and lost in a moment all because of too hard of a hookset.  The same quick snap can be used when fishing walleyes on jigs for those subtle takes or when they’re gorging.


PULLING AWAY. A slow pull is all it takes to set a circle hook.  Start by reeling up any slack, and continue to do so until you feel tension in the line.  Continue reeling and with a firm backward drag of the rodtip, establish the connection when fishing circle hooks for catfish, sturgeon or live-lining or wacky-rigging for bass.  Keep the line tight to keep the circle hook in place.


IT’S A SWEEP.  When trolling spinners for walleyes, a popular hookset is the drop and sweep method. Upon a tap on the end of the line, drop the rodtip toward the fish by four to six inches, allowing the slightest bow in the line.  Reel down on the slack and sweep the rod forward to set the hook.  This pause, which may take longer, or require longer drop distances depending on the moon of the fish, allows both hooks on a crawler rig to get back for the hookset.

Stay Sharp!

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