Catchable Trout Stocked Across State

NDG&F Press Release

More than 50 local fisheries throughout North Dakota now have a fresh supply of catchable trout, as state Game and Fish Department personnel are wrapping up their annual spring trout stocking efforts.

Fisheries production and development section leader Jerry Weigel said while the number of fisheries statewide is at a historic high, many are not as easily accessible to youngsters, older adults and disabled anglers.

“The majority of these recently stocked waters are community fisheries that have fishing piers, and provide a great opportunity for first-time anglers to catch fish,” Weigel said. “These stockings put catchable fish in waters that are accessible.”

The trout were larger this year, with many averaging more than one-half pound, Weigel said. More than 60,000 11-inch rainbow trout were stocked, along with 1,000 1- to 3-pound cutthroat and rainbow trout.

Weigel emphasized that trout are kid friendly and bite aggressively in spring before temperatures rise, so the best time to catch them will be in the next few weeks.

“On late springs like this one, these catchable trout provide enjoyment as soon as they are stocked,” Weigel said.

Daily updates are listed on the Game and Fish Department’s Facebook page, and a complete stocking report is available on the department’s website,

· Adams – North Lemmon
· Barnes – Blumers Pond, Hatchery Kids Pond
· Bottineau – Strawberry Lake
· Bowman – Lutz Dam
· Burleigh – McDowell Dam, OWLS Pond, Wilton City Pond
· Burke – Northgate Dam
· Cass – Brooks Harbor, Casselton Pond, North Woodhaven Pond
· Cavalier – Langdon City Pond
· Divide – Baukol-Noonan Dam, Baukol-Noonan East Mine
· Golden Valley – Beach City Pond, Camels Hump Lake
· Grand Forks – Ryan Park Pond, Turtle River
· Grant – Sheep Creek Dam
· Hettinger – Castle Rock Dam, Mott Watershed Dam
· McIntosh – Blumhardt Dam
· McKenzie – Watford City Park Pond
· McLean – Custer Mine, Lightning Lake, Riverdale City Pond
· Mercer – Harmony Lake, Hazen Creek
· Morton – Gaebe Pond, Harmon Lake, Krieg’s Pond, Little Heart Pond, Nygren Dam, Porsborg Dam
· Mountrail – Stanley Pond
· Oliver – Oliver County Sportsmen’s Pond
· Ransom – Mooringstone Pond
· Renville – Glenburn Pond
· Richland – Mooreton Pond
· Rolette – Hooker Lake
· Slope – Davis Dam
· Stark – Belfield Pond, Dickinson Dike
· Stutsman – Streeter Lake
· Ward – State Fair Pond, Velva Sportsmen’s Pond
· Williams – Kettle Lake, Kota-Ray Dam, McGregor Dam, West Spring Lake Pond

(Featured Photo: At the beginning of the month, NDG&F agents stocked over 60,000 trout into a variety of waters across the state to provide more diverse fishing. Simonson Photo)

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