Daily Edge for Wed. Jun. 20

WHAT A WEEK! Things are looking more like summer for the solstice tomorrow as calm conditions take hold over the next couple of days and a stable pattern sets up. While we’ll have some clouds in the forecast, chances of rain are minimal.  We check out where we stand as we approach the official start of the season in today’s Three Things.


Soak In Summer!  A young muskellunge suns in the shallows. Simonson Photo.


WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
Today: 6/20 – Midweek marvel. Hi 80, Lo 60, Wind N@7.
Tomorrow: 6/21 – Better yet! Hi 82, Lo 58, Wind S@7.

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):
Sunrise: 5:49AM Sunset: 9:41PM
Moonrise: 1:58PM Moonset 2:05AM
Overhead: 8:20PM Underfoot: 7:56AM
Moon Phase: First Quarter @ 5:51AM


EDGE HOUR:  8:00-9:00PM.  The stretch leading into sunset will provide you a bite with moon overhead in the Edge Hour.


NOT AS DRY. Things are noticeably greener this spring, as recent rains have helped stave off severe drought conditions.  With significant rain in the southeast, streams and rivers like the Sheyenne are swollen from recent downpours.  Roughly two-thirds of the state remain in dry or moderate drought conditions right now.


SOME SOAKERS. With most of the state receiving 1-to-3 inches of rain over the last two weeks, things are setting up nicely for the onset of summer as vegetation grows higher, creating more cover for upland game chicks and providing more of the insects they need to survive.  Areas of 3-to-5 inches of rain have fallen in the southwest corner of the state, helping to replenish cover there as well.


LOOKING GOOD.  The near-term forecasts show a week of high temperatures in the low 80s for much of North Dakota, with a chance at rain coming later on Sunday, but not in amounts that would be considered a wash out.  Get ready for a great weekend!


Stay Sharp!

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