Daily Edge for Mon. Jul. 2

GETTING MOUTHY.  We explore the various mouth structures of both birds and fish intoday’s Three Things to help get a better understanding of the watery world around us.

Featured Photo:  A heron watches over a reed bed from a nearby dock. Simonson Photo.


WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
Today: Mon 7/2 – Warming up. Hi 85, Lo 61, Wind SW@10.
Tomorrow:  Tue 7/3 – Rain early. Hi 82, Lo 60. Wind N@10.

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):
Sunrise: 5:54AM Sunset: 9:41PM
Moonrise: Fol. Day Moonset 10:06AM
Overhead: 4:58AM Underfoot: 5:20PM
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous (83% Full)

EDGE HOUR:  4:50 – 5:50PM.  Light winds and some cloud cover will help with a bite in the Edge Hour.



TAKE A STAB.  The heron’s beak is like a sharp spear, or more accurately, a two-pronged gig, that can be employed to either grab, or sometimes stab its prey.  Just another highly-evolved tool in nature’s display, these birds put it to good use, snagging minnows, frogs and other shallow-water aquatic food items with it.

GAR-ISH. Elongated mouths with sharp teeth on either side on fish like gar and alligator gar are used to snap and hold their prey, and because the structures are long and bony they’re harder to hook on standard tackle. A great lure that defies typical fishing wisdom is the rope fly – a strand or two of poly rope or yarn tied onto a cut hook shank.  When struck and rolled in typical gar fashion the fibers tangle in the toothy mouth of the fish long enough for it to be landed.

SUCK IT!  Other mouths, like those on bluegills and bass are designed to function as vacuums.  With a quick snap opening, the pressure difference created pulls whatever prey item is sitting in front of them, from a small insect for sunnies, to other fish or crawdads for bass.



Stay Sharp!

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