Daily Edge for Tue. Aug. 21

NO DRAGGIN’ HERE!  We’re getting geared up for fall and squeezing the last out of summer here at Dakota Edge and hope you are too!  Today will feel a bit like autumn, but a late-summer surge is set for the back half of the week.  We go around the horn with some potpourri in today’s Three Things.

Featured Photo: An eastern pondhawk dragonfly works its way along a plant top. Simonson Photo.


WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
Today: Tue 8/21 – Still chill. Hi 75, Lo 50, Wind NW@7
Tomorrow: Wed 8/22 – Warmer. Hi 82, Lo 51, Wind S@13, G20.
SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):

Sunrise        Sunset
6:46AM       8:43PM

Moonrise      Moonset       Overhead    Underfoot
5:59PM        2:17AM       10:31PM      10:07AM
Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous (81% Full)

EDGE HOUR:   5:30-6:30PM.  Calm conditions, stabilizing weather and moonrise will make the after-work bite your best during today’s Edge Hour.



BEYOND THE PALE.  One of ND’s rarest fish is also one of its biggest.  The endangered pallid sturgeon can grow to lengths of over 6 feet and weigh more than 80 pounds. Changes in river flow due to impoundment and channelization have reduced suitable habitat for these fish in the last century, resulting in their decline.


BUG ZAPPER.  Did you know a dragonfly can eat hundreds of mosquitoes in a day?  Check out that fun fact and more from Smithsonian magazine!


DEADLIER WILDLIFE.  Yesterday a woman was attacked and dragged to her death in a small water on Hilton Head, SC by an alligator.  This is the second such death – both involving dog walkers – in 2018 believed to have been caused by alligators in the United States.


Stay Sharp!

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