Daily Edge for Mon. Sep. 10

TRIPPY!  Do you have a favorite odd bait with a paint scheme that defies convention?  We have a few, and we cover those fun colors in today’s Three Things.

Featured Photo: A wonderbread-colored Reef Runner remains an odd confidence bait in the tackleboxes at DEO headquarters. Simonson Photo.




WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
Today: Mon 9/10 – Warm Walks. Hi 81, Lo 55, Wind S#@8.

Tomorrow:  Tue 9/11 – Warm with a Shift. Hi 80, Lo 53, Wind StoN@14, G22.

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):

Sunrise        Sunset
7:05AM       8:14PM

Moonrise      Moonset       Overhead    Underfoot
8:09AM       9:00PM        2:41PM        2:14AM

Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent (1% Full)

EDGE HOUR:   7:00-8:00AM.  Sunrise and moonrise are close enough to give you a solid start in today’s Edge Hour.





No Wonder. Perhaps it’s the eye-like spots, or the multitude of colors splashed across the Reef Runner “Wonderbread” paint scheme, but we do like the way it looks.  Walleyes do too, especially in fall as they gorge on flashy fish like smelt and other larger, colorful prey.

Clownin’ Around.  Red-headed with a yellow or golden body, clown-colored crankbaits are a bright-day staple for drawing the attention of fish.  Whether a jerkbait or popper for bass, or a shad-style diving crank for walleyes, these boisterous baits have their place in a Plano box.

People Eater. Purpledescent Shad Raps have long been a staple in our crankbait boxes.  While not quite the hue of the Minnesota Vikings, yet too bright to mimic a fathead minnow’s color scheme, they somehow trigger fish with their violet coloration that blends attractor and natural pattern all into one.


Stay Sharp!

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