Daily Edge for Fri. Jan. 4

ENJOY IT! Temperatures soar into the mid-40s today and the melt will be on before things cool off some, but still stay temperate into the weekend. We look at the long-term forecast and find some helpful gear for all your winter pursuits in today’s Three Things.


Featured Photo:  After feeding, resident geese make their move back to the Missouri River in twilight. Simonson Photo.


WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
Today: Fri 1/4 – Warm Continues. 44, Lo 29, Wind W@11, G18.
Tomorrow:  Sat 1/5 – Cooling Off. Hi 35, Lo 29, Wind L&V.


SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):

Sunrise        Sunset
8:28AM       5:08PM

Moonrise      Moonset       Overhead    Underfoot
7:12AM       4:15PM        11:44AM     Fol. Day


Moon Phase: Waning Crescent (2% Full)


EDGE HOUR:   4:15-5:15PM. Moonset and sunset begin to line up in today’s mild Edge Hour.




HEAT WAVE.  Warmer than average conditions will continue for the foreseeable future, as the NOAA Long-Range forecast shows a solid set-up of warm air over the central part of the continent. Highs in the 40s and 30s will persist into early next week, melting off some of the holiday snow accumulations with only minor precipitation expected.


PUNCH OUT.  For clearing paint from they eyes of jigs, it’s tough to beat a combination hook eye cleaner.  This little pin helps punch through the paint or lacquer on the eye of a jig and makes it easier to thread. It often comes on the back end of a line nipper, which provides a clean-cut piece of monofilament to go through the jig for an easier tie.


BIG RUN.  For those who enjoy winter walking and running to stay fit for the field in the off season and just can’t stomach the treadmill, remember to pick up a set of ice cleats that help provide grip on slippery outdoor surfacesl; especially during the thaw of warm stretches when meltwater ices up quickly on roads and sidewalks overnight.  Don bright gear or lights if you’re out early or late!


Stay Sharp!

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