Daily Edge 7/12 – Pike Picks

OH WOW!  A great weekend is on tap, starting today.  If there were ever a three-day stretch reserved for perfect summer fishing, this would be it. As we get ready, we sift through the shoreline sand of the internet to find some legendary pike stories, pics and videos in today’s Outdoors Roundup.

Featured Photo:  DEO’s Nick Simonson with a Devils Lake pike. Simonson Photo.


WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
Today:  Fri 7/12 – Perfection – Hi 85, Lo 65, Wind L&V.
Tomorrow:  Sat 7/13 – Hotter Still – Hi 88, Lo 67, Wind S@7


SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):

Sunrise        Sunset
6:01AM       9:36PM

Moonrise      Moonset       Overhead    Underfoot
5:52PM        2:54AM       10:43PM      10:17AM


Moon Phase:  Waxing Gibbous (83% Full)


EDGE HOUR:  9:45-10:45AM.  Moon underfoot, light winds and a warming morning will provide a good bite in the Edge Hour




RED ALERT.  Courtesy of the backwoods of the web (Reddit), this would be a bit of an alarming sight walking through the trees at the water’s edge – the remnants of a pike pinned between two trunks, with birds nesting in its mouth.  Kinda like the turtle on the fencepost – no one knows how he got there, but he probably had some help.


T-BONED.  From the early days of the internet, this photo of a large pike t-boning a smaller one made its way around inboxes for months.  Northernpikefishing.ca details the “true” story of the fish photo made famous in the infancy of viral pics before Facebook and Twitter.


OTHER END. While effective and often large predators, pike don’t always win these battles.  In a video posted by Rated Red on YouTube a massive muskie swims around with a huge pike in its mouth, reluctant to let the fish go.

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