Daily Edge for Fri. 8/16 – Fill ‘er Up!

FULL UP.  The back half of August is always busy, and the fishing is often best around the full moon.  We’ve got the conditions, news and notes to get you back to school – schooling fish that is – in our Outdoors Roundup.
Featured Photo:  Good Glow.  The August “Sturgeon Moon” rises with an ethereal glow from surrounding light evening clouds. Simonson Photo.


WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
Today:   Fri 8/16 – Nice – Hi 80, Lo 55, Wind SW@8
Tomorrow:  Sat 8/17 – Rain Late? – Hi 71, Lo 55, Wind N@8.


SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):


Sunrise        Sunset
6:42AM       8:52PM


Moonrise      Moonset       Overhead    Underfoot
9:24PM         6:33AM        1:41AM           2:04PM


Moon Phase:  Waning Gibbous (99% Full)



EDGE HOUR:   8:45-9:45PM. Close out the start of your weekend with sunset and moonrise kicking the evening bite up a notch in our Edge Hour.



MOON MATTERS.  The August full moon often serves as the start of the peak late-summer fishing period.  The strength of our satellite, the warm conditions and abundance of food ahead of the seasonal shift is like magic in triggering fish into feeding.  Get on it this weekend as light winds and generally favorable conditions settle in.

GO BIG.   Those aggressive fish will fall for faster presentations this time of year as feeding conditions align.  Work crankbaits for reaction strikes from walleyes, burn spinnerbaits for bass and don’t forget to heave those huge inlines for muskies as everything in the water gets its feed bag on.

MATCH THE HATCH.  Young-of-the-year panfish often serve as a target for predators this time of year, as they begin to get a little bigger.  Match the forage to increase your late summer catch, and focus on what the big fish are eating to up your odds.  If a lake sports healthy bluegill, yellow perch or white bass populations, fire off lures in corresponding colors to connect with what’s eating them!








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