Daily Edge for Fri. 9/6 – Fantastic Friday!

PLAY HOOKY.  What’s better than a four-day week?  A three-day one!  Get out on the water today for some great conditions and close out the first week of September with some great fishing action, along with a minor moon phase at your back!  We cover grouse updates from the G&F, figure things out for muskies and take advantage of today’s stillness for sighting in.

Featured Photo:   Wait, what!? It’s Friday Already!? A young buck looks startled by the click of a trail camera. Simonson Photo.

WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
Today:   Fri 9/6 – Pre-Drop Perfection – Hi 75, Lo 55, Wind L&V
Tomorrow:  Sat 9/7 – Weekend Washout – Hi 55, Lo 53, Wind E@15, G30, 1.5” Rain


SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):


Sunrise        Sunset
7:09AM        8:13PM


Moonrise      Moonset       Overhead    Underfoot
3:48PM         12:05AM      8:19PM           7:53AM


Moon Phase:  First Quarter


EDGE HOUR:   7:30-8:30AM. Early light and moon underfoot in our Edge Hour will make for an ideal start to the day on the water or in the deer stand.





GROUSE & HUNS UPDATE.  The NDG&F provides some insight into the upcoming grouse and partridge seasons opening on Sept. 14 in its Outdoors Online weekly webcast.  Sharpies are up slightly, ruffed grouse are down on mixed results from spring counts in the two population areas and partridge numbers are notably up against recent trends.

FIGURE IT OUT.  The figure eight is a tactic for muskies at boatside and triggers some sort of last-second response in many fish that follow a lure such as a bucktail, but don’t strike on the retrieve; and is often employed on every cast by die-hards.  If you see a fish following, drop your rod tip about 6-18 inches under the water and make a wide-sweeping 8-shape.  There’s a chance a fall muskie will slam your offering in close quarters.

IN RANGE.  Use the still conditions today to sight in a rifle for deer season or run a few more bullets through on a younger person’s firearm, to make sure it is ready for next weekend’s youth deer season. Shoot at normal ranges (100, 200, 300 yards) and at any distances that might be common from a particular blind site, such as a trail 175 or 250 yards out, where deer are known to travel.

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