Daily Edge for Sat. 9/28 – Dampening

GO EARLY!  Beat the rain today and get out there early as the wet part of our weekend slogs in around midday.  We’ve got the news, tips and some new frontiers for DEO in our Outdoors Roundup today.
Featured Photo:  You’ve Gotta Laugh!  A deer’s velvet antler suggests and up-close-and-personal inspection of a trail camera as it frames the picture. Simonson Photo


WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
Today:   Sat 9/28 – Heavy Rain PM – Hi 53, Lo 39, Wind E@20, G30
Tomorrow:  Sun 9/29 – Rain All Day – Hi 56, Lo 44, Wind E@15, G25


SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):


Sunrise        Sunset
7:38AM        7:29PM


Moonrise      Moonset       Overhead               Underfoot
7:12AM        7:59PM         1:42PM           1:15AM

Moon Phase:  New Moon @ 1:26PM.


EDGE HOUR:   7:08-8:08AM. We’re going down to the minute, so you can catch deer on the move ahead of the rain in today’s moonrise-sunrise combination Edge Hour.





BE CWD AWARE.  Casey Anderson, Assistant Chief of the NDG&F Dept. Wildlife Division shares vital information for Chronic Wasting Disease and where the ailment for all cervids has been found in the state.  Additionally, he explains the restrictions in place and the reasons behind them, as part of this week’s Outdoors Online.


THE PROCESS.  QDMA shares a great video for what happens after the harvest, as part of its Field to Fork program.  Tips on boning out the shoulder and hind quarters and getting the most meat from a deer are a current highlight on the organization’s website.


DEO’S OPENER.  The waterfowl season opens today for incoming duck hunters from out-of-state.  We had a great conversation with Mike Szymanski, Migratory Game Bird Management Supervisor with the NDG&F. which will be airing on the KOVC affiliates as part of Dakota Edge Outdoors going ON AIR!  We’re excited to share our new  “Weekender’s Edge” and “Our Outdoors” programs each week with everyone on those stations and Newsdakota.com





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