Daily Edge for Wed. 1/1 – Ring It In!

A FRESH START!  Welcome to 2020!  A whole new 365…er, 366 with it being leap year…sits before you!  So, you even get an extra day to make the most of your time outdoors!  We review upcoming Hunter’s Education alerts, take a peak at the first week’s forecast and check out the Winter Severity Index at the 1/4 mark in the meteorological season.

Featured Photo:  PUFFED UP.  A cottontail enjoys the January chill. Simonson Photo.


WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
Today:  Wed 1/1 –  Warm & Windy– Hi 38, Lo 30, Wind W@10, G24.
Tomorrow:  Thu 1/2 – Steady Temps – Hi 32, Lo 29, Wind NW@9.

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):

Sunrise        Sunset
8:28AM        5:05PM

Moonrise         Moonset          Overhead                Underfoot
12:19PM         11:50PM         6:00PM            5:39AM


Moon Phase:  Waxing Crescent (34% Full)


EDGE HOUR:   5:30-6:30PM.  Catch an extended evening bite with moon overhead and fading winds in today’s Edge Hour.




GET SMART! Hunter’s Education classes come fast and furious this time of year, with metro-area courses filling about as fast as they are posted!  The NDG&F Dept. reminds those youngsters interested in hunting next fall to keep a close eye on the program page at the agency’s website and sign up as soon as possible to lock in a spot – utilize the SMS text feature to make sure to get immediate notices of classes in your area.

NOTHING SERIOUS.  As it sits now, the forecast for the coming week doesn’t show any serious snowfall or tough conditions, with highs reaching into the 30s a few days and moderate winds in most cases.  Light snow is expected on and off, making things better for your final hunts of the season and for getting out on the ice.

CHILLING.  We’ve made it through the first month of meteorological winter and things are already looking pretty rough for wildlife (and people) in the Roughrider State as the Accumulated Winter Season Severity Index shows the Bismarck and Fargo regions already in a Severe season and the area around Grand Forks suffering from an Extreme first month.  Two feet of snow added to totals in southeast ND this past weekend doesn’t bode well this early in the four-month stretch either.

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