Daily Edge for Mon. 3/30 – Enjoy!

LAST GOOD ONE!  While the breezes will kick up today, so will the temperatures and highs in the low 60s will be a reality here at the end of March.  An April Fool’s joke causes the bottom to fall out and colder conditions to take hold through the rest of the week.  We’ve got more on what’s coming along with fishing news, monarch numbers and what shed antlers tell us about deer health in today’s Outdoors Roundup.

Featured Photo:  HAIL TO THE KING.  Monarch numbers at their overwintering sites dropped this year, read more below. Simonson Photo.

WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
Today: Mon 3/30 – Southerlies – Hi 60, Lo 35, Wind S@20, G30
Tomorrow: Tue 3/31 – Rain Moves In – Hi 55, Lo 32, Wind S@17, G25 .2” Rain

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):

Sunrise        Sunset
7:24AM        8:10PM

Moonrise         Moonset          Overhead                Underfoot
10:08AM         12:37AM         5:50PM            5:26AM
Moon Phase:  Waxing Crescent (31% Full)

EDGE HOUR:   5:30-6:30PM.  Winds decrease some and moon overhead will help with the bite in today’s Edge Hour.



GOT ISSUES.  The newest issue of the NDG&F Department’s North Dakota Outdoors magazine is available online, highlighting spring fishing and related matters including changes in regulations. Check out that nice bronzeback on the cover as well!

FLUTTERBY.  The Monarch Joint Venture reports a 53 percent drop of the overwintering population of orange-and-black butterflies at their historic grounds in Mexico.  This comes off a decadal high in 2018-19 and represents about 1/5 of the population from 25 years ago.

GOING DEEP.  QDMA presents an interesting article detailing how shed antler pedicles can predict the health of the bucks the dropped them.  The more of a bump in the pedicle below the ring of antler just around the base, the healthier the deer likely was, generally speaking.  Read more to learn more about your collection of spring sheds and the population they came from!

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