Daily Edge for Sun. 4/12 – Easter Eggs

COLD BOILED EGGS.  It’ll be a challenging Easter egg hunt today as conditions stay cold and winds stay high. In today’s Outdoors Roundup got simple and inexpensive adds for better angling, hunting and exploring – all of which could probably fit in one of those plastic eggs for your favorite outdoors aficionado!

Featured Photo:  FAMILY TIME.  DEO’s Nick Simonson and his son Jackson celebrate a nice crappie from Nelson Lake on Friday evening with a quick photo.

WEATHER (Bismarck Forecast):
Today: Sun 4/12 – Cooler – Hi 32, Lo 25, Wind NW@17, G25
Tomorrow: Mon 4/13 – Similar – Hi 30, Lo 20, Wind NW 18, G29.

SOLUNAR (Bismarck Times):

Sunrise        Sunset
6:29AM        8:27PM

Moonrise         Moonset        Overhead      Underfoot
1:19AM           10:09AM         5:46AM            6:15PM
Moon Phase:  Waning Gibbous (75% Full)

EDGE HOUR: 6:00-7:00PM.  Moon underfoot is about all we can give you in today’s Edge Hour and its challenging conditions.



TIPPED OFF.   Have a set of inexpensive rod tip replacements stashed in your tacklebox this season.  With a quick drop of superglue or even just a wrap of duct tape in a pinch, you can be back in action when catastrophe strikes.

BIG SHRINK.  Heat shrink tubing makes short work of field connections.  If a clamp or connector busts loose on a wire, simply slide some shrink tubing into place and reconnect.  Boom, your trolling motor is back up and running.  You can also use it to reconnect treble hooks to large pike and musky lures, or straighten them to prevent fouling on the cast.

TIED UP.  Paracord has a variety of use in the field and on the water.  RMEF shares their top 20 suggestions for utilizing duct tape’s brother from another mother.

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